Why every office should have a Labrador

Morale Officer Gibson T. Dog provides more than you think to the day to day operations of Unashamedly Creative.  Here in no particular order is why every office should have a Labrador.

Lunchtime Companionship

With a Labrador around, you always have a lunchtime companion who is very keen (and I mean VERY keen) on hanging out with you. You never have to feel like a complete Nigel eating lunch all alone with a Labrador around!

Exercise is Mandatory

It is really easy to get welded to the desk, especially on a busy day and the temptation is to not move. However with a Labrador, you don’t have this problem. Whether it’s picking up the lead, shooting you sideways glances any time you go near the door or with Gibson’s personal favourite, singing until you walk him, a minimum of 20 minutes’ walk happens every day.*

No “Cool Kid” Clique

There is no “he said, she said” stuff with a Labrador. They either like you, or like you a lot. If you have bones for them on a regular basis or have a good Frisbee arm, it easily becomes love.


Labrador’s are upfront all the time. If they want to hang out or play, they stick close. If they are cheesed off at you, they bark or sing. If it’s time for a nap, no amount of anything you do will change their perspective. Also contrary to what paintings have tried to tell us, dogs have a terrible poker face.

Quitting Time is Always Respected

If you make the mistake of having a set quitting time for say a week, they will remember and you will find yourself with a play bowing, singing, toy dropping, office pacing, lead mouthing “STOP!” machine. Labradors have a healthy respect for quitting time- and a genuine desire to balance work and play. Forget trying to “push on through” with one of these guys on the payroll (or kibble roll as the case may be).

*Labradors don’t like walking in the rain much, despite being absolute beach lovers. Go figure!

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