This little Wollongong copywriter is booked until May

Moving to the Illawarra to take up residence as a Wollongong copywriter and marketer has been a fine and dandy move for me it seems. The sea regularly calls me after a busy day and the people are super nice. And to be brutally honest, not having to pay Sydney prices to live while freelancing for a living is a damn fine bonus indeed!

Since arriving, I’ve started a Hacking Happiness road trip with the ever lovely Brook McCarthy (you can read more about that on a special little Hacking Happiness notice.)

And beyond side projects, the stars look bright

This Wollongong copywriter is currently booked until May 1st 2015. This means I am not considering new projects, ideas, writing of websites or marketing or social media projects until at least mid April. The work won’t start until May and it’s a first in (and deposit paid), first booked basis.

If we’ve been talking, up until now (March 26th), this doesn’t mean the end of our conversation. So please don’t see this notice and start getting a little knock to your knees if we’re still in the nutting out stage.

However, I don’t have any capacity for any new social media, copywriting or marketing bookings.

Now considering what usually happens when I mention this, I need to be pretty clear on this one. I cannot and will not be taking on new work during April as I have a full compliment. I cannot change this for any amount of money.

Even if you get me a date to kiss Thom Yorke’s bung eyelid I will have to reluctantly have to decline. Yep, it’s that serious!

New projects need to wait until the end of May

I’ve lined up a couple of people I can refer you to in the meantime for proofing, writing and the like. I also have a group of committed social media and community managers I can tap into as well as a whole bunch of freelancers I can call on through the Freelance Jungle.

However, if you want yours truly and are prepared to wait:

I will be taking new bookings from April 18th for work commencing from May 1st onwards.

Need a quick bit of advice in the meantime? If you need a pain point clinic to get you through, I have some spots available. However I am reducing my usual appointments from 4 to 2 for the month of April so it’s the quick or the unlucky around here.

If you do wish to book a pan point clinic, ask about a referral or book me for May, please leave your message via the contact form. There may be a delay in getting back to you, but you will hear from me within 7 days.

Thanks for your patience!

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