Writing copy for website Webcoda

Writing copy for a website on the Kentico development platform is an unusual request for someone who is usually more at home with WordPress. But it turned out to be a delightful project! 

Website copy can make a huge difference to a design and development agency. Web agency Webcoda was looking for a way to improve their ability to share their story will maintaining strong rankings in the highly competitive web development arena.

As a leading agency in Kentico and custom CMS, Webcoda deal with projects worth tens of thousands of dollars in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. They need to seem not only capable of creating beautiful and functional websites, but also have the right personality to stand out in the highly competitive agency market.

The business was also enjoying quite strong rankings in custom web development, a SharePoint developer and as a Kentico provider.

Webcoda turned to Unashamedly Creative to translate the benefits of their products and platforms.



As a workplace that valued personality, spice and comedy needed to be balanced with the business ethos while also managing the obviously professional nature of Webcoda. Writing copy for a website of this sort of personality meant pulling out the humour and puns!

The aim of the project was to:

  • Create a strong story that helped companies looking for a web developer consider Kentico based solutions
  • Highlight the many achievements and high quality works created by Webcoda
  • Showcase the personality of the team and the workplace



Unashamedly Creative worked on the following elements:

  • Selection and planning of SEO keywords
  • Write appealing yet easy to understand SEO rich copy
  • Advising on necessary elements for information architecture and site structure for SEO

The site also required a content Q and A and some advice on creating the appropriate use of SEO supporting technologies such as:

  • An XML sitemap
  • Image and banner renaming
  • Proper use of meta descriptions and title pages


The new Webcoda website was launched without any issues or loss of SEO ranking. The site’s rankings have continued to increase. The personality of the business was also captured well and showcased so as to attract the right kind of clients and business.

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