Writing for a website and performing a website review

Writing for a website and performing a website reviewWriting for a website and performing a website review may seem simple. But there’s more to it than you think!

Theatre and stage online project management startup StageBitz were refreshing their online presence and rebuilding their website. The wanted writing for a website that attracted the right customers.

As arts startup professionals, the two person team also needed easy to use and follow solutions with maintaining future SEO.

Unashamedly Creative was engaged for SEO copywriting and to assess and make recommendations to lift the overall SEO performance via WordPress on-page SEO techniques.


The main aim of the project was to:

  • Writing for a website
  • Select suitable keywords and phrases for usage in the SEO copywriting that would be used by the audience
  • Refresh and revamp the existing copy to make it easier for the audience to understand while also balancing the needs of Google as a search engine
  • Identify technical impediments to success and areas for improvements via plug-ins and significant work on meta descriptions
  • School the team in best practises for SEO such as keyword usage, meta descriptions and avoiding repeated content
  • Create customer friendly copy that captured the startups unique nature
  • Incorporate plug-ins that help promote the website, boost the SEO performance and keep the site free from spam



Unashamedly Creative worked on the SEO copywriting while the redesign was being finalised. Then recommendations and implementations were made in the following areas:

  • SEO support via plug-in Yoast
  • Spam removal and reduction via plug-in Akismet
  • Social media support via plug-in Shareaholic
  • Recommendations to include sitemap and robot.txt



The StageBitz website increased traffic from time of implementation and website SEO copywriting refresh by approximately 1/3 since change over. The site is also visible when searched for by name and major search engine queries.

The team also have the confidence and ability to update the site when they need to without intervention from a 3rd party.


Want help writing for a website? Looking to move your website copy from drab to fab? Contact me now via rebekah@unashamedlycreative.com.au

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