Writing website copy for Calista Consulting

website copywriting - calista consulting

Writing website copy for Calista Consulting included a mix of creative and SEO copywriting.

Calista Consulting is a boutique recruitment service from Brisbane, Australia. Katie Muir is Calista Consulting’s founder. Katie was looking for a fresh way to describe her recruitment services.

Katie engaged Unashamedly Creative to help translate the core of her coaching, resume writing and recruitment communications business into an appealing website.



The objectives for writing website copy for Calista Consulting were defined as:

  • Focus on customers from the identified target markets:
  • Parents returning to the workforce after child rearing duties
  • Individuals who had significant issues with crafting their own CVs and LinkedIn profiles
  • Individuals seeking promotions who found interviews particularly taxing and stressful
  • Capturing the Calista Consulting difference without industry jargon and standard recruitment speak
  • Create copy that avoided industry buzzwords that still appealed to Google in SEO terms
  • Marry the design to the copy and vice versa



Briefing was undertaken on email and Skype.

Once this process was complete, Unashamedly Creative set about designing the website copy.

This involved:

  • Identifying SEO keywords
  • Assessing potential competitors in the market
  • Crafting a tone of voice and brand position for the web copy
  • Following the wireframes supplied by the developer
  • Delivering a copy deck in sample, draft and finalised form for the client to review
  • Providing advice and tips on how to improve the SEO ranking post-launch


The Calista Consulting website launched in January 2015. This website was delivered to SEO and customer specification.  It is now happily generating business for Katie and the Calista Consulting team.


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