Rebekah Lambert - Unashamedly Creative

My name is Rebekah Lambert aka Unashamedly Creative

I’m a freelance communications specialist.

I write, plan, strategize, coach and advise people on creating better content and communication with their customers and their staff.

And I can do the same for you.

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Why Unashamedly Creative?

It began with marketing campaigns, content marketing and creative business ideas that were a little left of centre. It was my opportunity to be ‘unashamedly creative’—to kick off the shackles of budget and organisational perception, and help organisations, businesses, start-ups and freelancers get where they needed to be.

It led me to work in mental health, disability, sharing economy, advocacy, family violence, education, property development, insurance, animal health, organisational change, salary negotiation, hospitality, wine and food, and more.

Now, I’m handing that mantle to you.

Who I like to work with

People like you who value communication and commitment are at the top of my list. You’re the smart organisations that understand good quality work needs research, time and budget. I’m ideally suited to innovators, creators and thinkers who value action over rhetoric. You know, those clever companies with empathy who are seeking change.

Sound like you? Then get in touch so we can start working together!