You know that person who says the awkward thing at parties? The person who’ll cough up a quote from a TV show or film in response to any of life’s great problems? That’s me.

When I crack witty one-liners in social situations, I’m usually armed with a keyboard. I’m also the same person who people meet in person and think “My, she’s a little odd, isn’t she?”

Curious, socially awkward and with a turn of phrase that delights and surprises in equal measure. These are phrases people use to describe me.

You don’t want me as your wing-woman.

But you’ll appreciate having me around for business word nerd tasks. Things like your creative and SEO copywriting, marketing communications, business blogging and content marketing strategy. I’ve extended that to business coaching and workshops.


Why choose the Unashamedly Creative approach? 

I have an extensive career in content marketing, product development and strategy. I’m what’s called a “wide achiever”. Here’s hoping that means I am multi-talented instead of a reference to my bottom! 

Your business baby needs someone that is compatible with it to fly. I’ve put my version of an ideal freelance client. If it sounds like you, we are going to have a great time working together!

You can check out some testimonials from happy clients.

Here are also some of the reasons why my freelance clients choose me:

I always start from scratch

Each client is approached not with a magic formula in mind for a kind of job or specific vertical. I tailor my solutions to what your business needs. Your business isn’t a “just add water” experience. Why should you marketing be?

I stand behind my work

I worked out a long time ago that the best way to continue to get work was to do a damn good job. Getting the best results is the aim of the game. I love what I do. Being a marketing geek and a word nerd fills me with absolute delight. Because I am so into my job, I often go the extra mile in terms of hours and effort, innovation and ideas.

I’m “what you see is what you get”

I can’t help myself; I need to tell the truth. If your idea is awesome, I’ll back you 100%. If it has problems or there is a better alternative, I’ll gently break your heart so we can run a more successful campaign. I can’t put on a cheesy smile and lead you astray because it’s just not right. So you’ll always get a very genuine me with a very genuine opinion that has your best interests at heart.

My talents are wide and varied

Like any writer, I’ve got copywriting and content marketing skills. I also have a lengthy and proven track record in marketing strategy, community management and social media, product management, campaign launch and teaching marketing to people. I can close the loop and offer many services you may need on a planning, ad-hoc project, strategy and ongoing support level as a single point of contact. This saves my clients time, money and effort.

Discovery is my middle name

Learning about new things, finding clever ways to translate what I have learnt, and distilling new concepts is an everyday occurrence for me. This is why so many startups find working with me on their marketing and branding a rewarding experience. I keep up with the latest trends, marketing approaches, what’s new in content and the latest changes to online marketing so you don’t have to. Studying, writing and researching so I can give you the best shot in the market is my goal.

We’re in this together

I believe in marketing and content, and only choose to work with clients I believe in. When you entrust your marketing to me, it isn’t just a job or income. I do what I do because I love it, and that care, love and enthusiasm will be transferred to what you do, too!   


My feeling is you, dear reader, are looking for someone that can write and market and knows product development and yada yada ya…

I could bore you with a lot of trot about sales funnels and meandering eyeballs. I could also make myself look weirdly smug with arms folded and parrot stuff some aged mentor taught me about business.

The truth is I walked away from a career that had an upward trajectory because I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to help start-ups, small businesses, government enterprises and truly interesting innovators kick some serious butt

I do this through-

With over 20 years’ experience in community, product and marketing, I know how to create strong businesses.

Brass tacks, I know this is your business baby and I want to help.

To find out more about this little SEO copywriter and content marketing specialist, take a gander at my FAQ  or drop me a line.