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Hi, my name is Rebekah Lambert.

I have been freelancing in content, community management, business coaching, and strategy and planning since 2010. I’m also a well-known freelance advocate who has been connecting and championing Australian and New Zealander freelancers since 2012. 

In my role as a freelance virtual marketer, strategist, content writer, community creator, and business coach at Unashamedly Creative, I collaborate with startups, organisations, small businesses and micro businesses to find their strengths and amplify their stories. I use storytelling to foster empathy and understanding across diverse audiences.

Plumbing the depths is what I am good at. This includes a specialisation in end-of-life, mental health, trauma-informed content, freelance relationship management, and productivity addiction and workaholism.

In 2012, I founded the Freelance Jungle, a thriving community that supports over 6700 freelancers across Australia and New Zealand. Through this grassroots community, I advocate for freelance recognition, workplace inclusion, and mental health awareness within the freelance community, earning recognition such as the 2019 Wayahead Workplace Wellbeing Award.

Drawing on my experience as a freelancer and freelance advocate, I also help companies make the most of Australian and New Zealand freelancers. I’m here to help organizations tap into the power of freelance talent by connecting them with skilled professionals and showing them how to create workplaces that are freelance-friendly.

Driven by a passion for social impact and community engagement, I’ve spearheaded various initiatives and campaigns, including virtual festivals and education programs aimed at supporting freelancers thrive during challenging times.

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Why work with me?

  1. You’re interested in creating deep connections with your audience
  2. You find hard sell content dull and annoying, and believe your audience agrees
  3. You’d rather build a community and customer loyalty instead of relying on scarcity and manipulation
  4. Your business deals with sensitive topics that demand a thoughtful approach
  5. The idea of working with freelancers appeals – but you’re not sure how to go about it
  6. You need someone to help build you a strategy or mindset that helps you uncover your strengths and resilience
  7. You’d like to stand out from the crowd and shake things up a little

Stop getting stuck with your business. Let’s get unashamedly creative together.

Rebekah Lambert is a content marketing freelancer and community manager by trade. She came to freelancing after working in account director services for the PMG Asia group, and product and events coordinator for inventors of IVR, web and mobile dating, North American startup success story, Lavalife.

Her content marketing business, Unashamedly Creative, has worked with all kinds of large-scale organisations, start-ups, small businesses and sole traders with product development, marketing, content marketing, communications strategy and community management since 2010.

This has included securing funding for start-ups through plans and grants, writing content for agencies, helping launch programs and businesses and more.

Rebekah is the founder of the Freelance Jungle, Australia’s first stress reduction and mental health focused grassroots community for freelancers. The Freelance Jungle are the 2019 winners of the Wayahead NSW Mental Health Matters Workplace Wellbeing award. Rebekah undertook training as a Crisis Supporter for Lifeline Australia, qualifying in August 2017. She also spent 12 months as part of a joint COSBA and Beyond Blue work group tasked to improve the mental health outcomes of Australian small business in 2018.

Initiatives and Campaigns:

Orchestrated a post-redundancy and job loss virtual festival in 2021, supported by a $10,000 grant from Good2Give and Facebook Australia, covering  a month-long program of events about education, lead generation, redundancy recovery, and government job pitching.

Implemented an ongoing education program since 2018, serving Australian and New Zealand freelancers under a ‘pay what you can afford’ model via Patreon crowdfunding.

Secured a quick response grant from Wollongong City Council to connect freelancers with small businesses during Covid under the Get your Gong on banner, resulting in 37 new business-to-business connections in a virtual networking format.

Led the “Hug a Freelancer” month-long campaign in June 2023, aimed at improving relationships between freelancers and businesses. Featured virtual events with startup, agency, and recruiter perspectives, supported by Australian accounting software, Rounded.

In 2024, the Rounded relationship continues with a vulnerable and radical exploration of personal freelance finances under the Freelance Jungle banner.

You can follow Rebekah’s adventures via Unashamedly Creative and via the official Freelance Jungle Facebook group.

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People like you who value communication and commitment are at the top of my list. You’re the smart organisations that understand good quality work needs research, time and budget. I’m ideally suited to innovators, creators and thinkers who value action over rhetoric. You know, those clever companies with empathy who are seeking change.

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