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Hi, my name is Rebekah Lambert.

Hello, I’m Rebekah Lambert, and I freelance as Unashamedly Creative, a marketing and communications freelancer that specialises in social media and community management, planning and strategy, content marketing, and business coaching. As a multipotentialite, I offer a full range of services and operate as a single point of contact for SMEs, startups, local government, NFPs, and self-employed individuals.

Since 2010, I have been helping businesses like yours connect with customers through community management. My approach involves creating engaging social media content, forums, networking events, and campaigns that foster a sense of community. I also offer strategy and planning services designed to help you develop actionable marketing, communication, and contingency plans that can help take your business to the next level.

My content marketing services range from regular blog and newsletter writing to educational content and internal communications. I use storytelling techniques to create unique content that captures the imagination of your audience and builds a distinct brand. I can build your content marketing plan, produce the content, and train your staff to write, too!

I also offer coaching and teaching sessions for businesses seeking to improve their cultural sensitivity and inclusion, social media and community management, content creation and blogging, marketing, and client and stakeholder engagement.

If you’re looking for a marketing and communications partner who values communication and commitment, and understands that good quality work needs research, time, and budget, I’m the perfect match for you. Get in touch today to start working together and get unashamedly creative.

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Why Unashamedly Creative?

Working across four main services, I connect businesses like yours to your customers through:

Community management – combining years of experience working in online and off, I can help you transform your audience’s casual interest into a real feeling of community. This includes social media engagement, forum creation, networking and events, campaigns to create community interest, culture assessment and more. The aim is to move beyond slapping up Facebook posts or move beyond the vagueness of ‘finding your tribe’ and really build an engaged and customised audience.

Strategy and planning– move away from reactive marketing or learning the hard way with my strategy and planning services. I have a tried-and-true framework for developing marketing, communication, business and contingency plans that can help raise up your business. Stop flying without a net or downloading the cookie cutter stuff from the internet. Let’s transform your plans into actionable items instead of documents lying dusty and neglected in the top drawer.

Content marketing – from writing regular blogs and newsletters through to tackling internal communications, educational content and more, I offer a wide range of content marketing services for start-up, small business and high-level organisations. I use story building techniques and avoid the usual tired analogies in the process. That way, you can capture the imagination of your audience for better recall and education while building a distinct brand with the content you share.

Coaching and teaching – Every business needs a spot and polish in the learning department on occasion! I teach a wide variety of subjects in workshop across cultural sensitivity and inclusion, social media and community management, content creation and blogging, marketing, client and stakeholder engagement and more. I also offer single person coaching sessions (one off and as a regular program of support) for freelancers, micro business owners, start-ups and creatives.

Stop getting stuck with your marketing by approaching it on your terms. And let’s get unashamedly creative together.

Rebekah Lambert is a content marketing freelancer and community manager by trade. 

Her content marketing business, Unashamedly Creative, has worked with all kinds of large-scale organisations, start-ups, small businesses and sole traders with product development, marketing, content marketing, communications strategy and community management since 2010.

This has included securing funding for start-ups through plans and grants, writing content for agencies, helping launch programs and businesses and more.  

Rebekah is the founder of the Freelance Jungle, Australia’s first stress reduction and mental health focused grassroots community for freelancers. The Freelance Jungle are the 2019 winners of the Wayahead NSW Mental Health Matters Workplace Wellbeing award. Rebekah undertook training as a Crisis Supporter for Lifeline Australia, qualifying in August 2017. She also spent 12 months as part of a joint COSBA and Beyond Blue work group tasked to improve the mental health outcomes of Australian small business in 2018. And she launched the first ‘Reinvent your Working Life’ festival for people made redundant under Covid-19 and the 2019 bushfires. The aim is to help people who have lost their job and/or connection to work to transform to a freelance career. 

When she’s not talking business and stress reduction, she’s exploring the wonders of Wollongong and the Illawarra. You can follow Rebekah’s adventures via Unashamedly Creative and via the official Freelance Jungle Facebook group.

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Who I like to work with

People like you who value communication and commitment are at the top of my list. You’re the smart organisations that understand good quality work needs research, time and budget. I’m ideally suited to innovators, creators and thinkers who value action over rhetoric. You know, those clever companies with empathy who are seeking change.

Sound like you? Then get in touch so we can start working together!