Helping social entrepreneurs thrive

It’s time to stop the overwhelm

As a social entrepreneur, you’re building a movement and/or community around your fledgling business. Mission-orientated and values-driven, you’re balancing your financial and growth needs with your desire to make a change for the better.

Yet, despite experience and a genuine connection to the work, almost half of all social entrepreneurs’ experience burn out. One in five encounter physical impacts from stress.

That’s enough to challenge even the strongest changemaker!

It’s time to take a load off your shoulders and change the way you create change.

Meet your ally in the trenches – your virtual marketing officer

As your virtual marketing officer, I provide strategic advice, direct marketing support, and tailored counsel to help you and your business thrive.

Like the virtual CFO model, I work remotely and strategically as an additional resource for your business.

My aim is to create or refine your marketing strategy, develop communities through community management and social media, write your content marketing, introduce you to freelancers and manage major projects, and act as your business coach.  

Get the experienced help you need

I’ve helped profit-for-purpose organisations, small businesses, start-ups, all levels of government and self-employed people make change that matters.

And I can do that for you, too.

Give yourself back time and energy to put your talents as a social entrepreneur where they can make the greatest impact. Let me act as your virtual marketing department so you can be free to explore ideas, expand your range, and focus on your core business again.

All without the cost of a fulltime employee. And with far greater flexibility.

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