You lose the ability to execute the original plan, but you never lose the responsibility of executing the original intent.

Colonel Kolditz

Who needs a plan? You do.

Business marketing plans and disaster contingency plans are the boundaries you need to thrive under pressure.

Plan not to have a plan

In business as in life, it’s better to have a plan you never use than to be caught with your shorts down and nothing to cover yourself with.

Your business is vulnerable. Not the Fox News “We’re all being attacked from the inside!” kind of vulnerable, but rather the vulnerability that comes from the changing nature of business.

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Without a plan, your business may be in trouble because you’re:

  • Scared of important parts of the business mix such as marketing, content marketing and social media

  • Tied up in knots, and unable to communicate with your customers and wider audience

  • Losing knowledge and business acumen whenever someone leaves your organisation

  • Unable to capture all the information needed to make new employees feel supported and welcome

  • Powerless when communication snafus and social media disasters strike

  • Lagging behind when it comes to SEO, content marketing and consumer education

The most common response to business planning are,
“We don’t have time”, “We don’t have the resources” or “We don’t know where to start”.

Sound familiar? Well, that’s why you need me.

What kinds of planning are on offer?

I can help you find the foundation, clarity and security you need with:

Unashamedly Creative

Plans for content marketing, social media activation and rejuvenation, and foundation business marketing plans

Each one is tailored to your exact business needs based on your customers, your current performance, your desired performance, and what needs to be done to close the gap.
Communication Strategy Plans - Woman on Laptop

Communication strategy plans

You can put these communication strategy plans to good use internally or externally. They can include assets to train and onboard staff, sort through your next 12 months of consumer communication or make sure the internal pages are turning smoothly.
Business man with a party hat on at a messy desk

Audit and analysis plans

These are great if you’re not sure your website, content marketing assets or internal and external communication is effective. It includes auditing performance, working through your current consumer-facing documentation to ensure the information is still current, and looking for the potential of misunderstandings and breakdowns.
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Disaster contingency plans

If you run social media, events, or a large-scale organisation that cares about public perception, you need to know what to do if your communication goes awry. This is about ensuring your trepidation at releasing a message to the public is reduced, whether it’s seeking assurance that what you share won’t cause issues or mopping up the aftermath if it does.

Good communication can lower the temperature on a variety of situations. Being able to work from a solid roadmap gives you confidence. Having insight to your communication performance means you can change and address issues before they grow. Knowing you have the equipment you need to fight the fires that arise in our social media- and news-driven world gives you peace of mind.

I can help you create a communication plan you’ll be proud of.

How does this planning thing work?

If you already have a functioning communication strategy or activation that needs reviewing and revising, I can take a look at it and diagnose the breakdown between your current communication and planning strategies.

Where you don’t have any strategy in place, I can research and create a shiny new plan that will help you kick it off on the right foot. That’s for new and existing businesses.

  • The first step is a virtual ‘discovery’ call to discuss your project and the kind of plan you might need.

  • Then I‘ll come back with a quote and a roadmap that reflects our initial discussion.

  • From there we’ll work together so you can get me up to speed with any intricacies and research elements.

  • Then it’s planning, writing, review and implementation (if need be).


I write every plan with your workforce and available resources in mind.

I design your plan to cater to an overall strategy that’s hands off from my end. I do this through providing the plan itself and whatever support meets your needs. You can have an in-built roadmap to activate the plan direct from the plan itself.

The choice is yours.

Extra support also comes in the shape of me helping to:

  • Implement and make changes by conducting team workshops

  • Smooth the transition with a coaching retainer via email, Slack and/or virtual call

  • Train your nominated employee to take custodianship

What are you waiting for? Let’s start making plans today.