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Hug a Freelancer: Building Great Relationships between Businesses and Freelancers

Are you looking to get the most out of your freelance collaborations? Smart organisations know that well-supported freelancers can make their workload easier to manage. However, many businesses struggle to create solid relationships with freelancers.

That’s why we created Hug a Freelancer, a month-long celebration of freelance appreciation, to help organisations and freelancers learn how to collaborate effectively.

The Value of Freelancers

Freelancers are the fresh pair of eyes your business needs to reach new heights. They add skill and expertise to your workforce quickly and effectively, making them ideal for new projects, pivots and filling the gaps.

Yet many organisations struggle to figure out how to manage freelancers well, and maximise the time spent working with them. We’re here to change that!

Building Great Relationships

Creating a strong relationship with a freelancer comes with a range of benefits. You can develop a relationship that sees a freelancer take your ideas and projects to places you never imagined. They can also bring ready-made audiences, industry insights, and are champions of word-of-mouth for projects and clients alike.

Accessing the loyalty and benefits available means investing in the relationship in more than financial terms. And this is where most collaborations break down.

Showing your appreciation matters

This April, with the help of Australian accounting software Rounded, the Freelance Jungle is taking bridging the gap between freelancer and client to a new level with The Hug a Freelancer campaign, a campaign designed to improve communication and appreciation between freelancer and client alike.

Founded in 2012, the Freelance Jungle has won NSW state awards for improving the Workplace Wellbeing of Australian freelancers. This grassroots community of almost 7000 freelancers helps teach the art of client management while promoting a low-stress approach to self-employment.   As the founder of the Freelance Jungle, I’ve helped thousands of freelancers navigate tricky client situations with healthy client relations in mind.

We’re extending that education and care to clients by promoting how to create freelance-friendly workplaces to attract and keep the best talent.

Why appreciate a freelancer?

Work efficiently

Communicate effectively with freelancers before, during and after the project.

Lower your stress

Create a positive freelance-friendly culture that makes project management simpler.

Elevate your business

Meet freelancers where they live to reduce the time and money it takes to recruit talent.

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