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Show up for the people in pain and don’t look away.

Brene Brown

In addition to working as a freelancer, I also offer a range of Australian freelance services to other self-employed people.

This includes but is not limited to my education, workplace integration and coaching offerings listed on the Unashamedly Creative website.

In 2011, The Freelance Jungle was launched by yours truly. The aim of the project is to-

  • End the isolation inherent in the freelance world

  • Remind freelancers stress has a productivity cost

  • Raise the knowledge bar for Australian freelancers

  • Advocate for change in the Australian freelance industry

The majority of this work is undertaken via a separate website entitled the Freelance Jungle. You can also join the 5000+ member Facebook group if you are a freelancer in Australia.

The freelance challenges faced

Direct Australian freelance services and a unified approach to resourcing is currently unavailable. This fracturing of communication and knowledge is an opportunity to improve how we as freelancers relate to ourselves, our clients and the wider Australian business community.

I’m seen as somewhat of a community builder and spokesperson in the Australian freelance scene. My area of expertise is in investigating the current challenges faced by freelancers, supporting freelancers through mental health and stress-related issues, helping with confidence crisis as well as tapping people into resources and knowledge.

The aim of the Freelance Jungle is simple- if we can share the knowledge of 5000+ voices and experiences, we can create a stronger, more vibrant and professionally recognised industry. In turn, we’ll be better able to service clients and manage our business in an effective, productive manner.

This is done through access to support, a focus on education and more.

Visit the Freelance Jungle

If you would like to know more about my work in freelance advocacy and education, please head to the Freelance Jungle.

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