People are good at getting locked on to things that make them successful to that point.

Bruce Springsteen
on the need to change and evolve

Why would anyone need a business coach?

It’s fairly simple.

You may feel you no longer have all the answers. You’ve exhausted all the options for your business and/or have gone as far as you can. Maybe you’ve been putting one foot in front of the other for so long that your freelance career has gotten away from you. Or maybe you had a great hand, but then something came along and blew all your cards away.

Whatever it is, you don’t have to feel the vacant whistle of the wind where your confidence used to be.

Man whispering "Where to next?"

A business coach for you

When it comes to your career or freelance business, I can help.

We can work together to:

  • Connect and explore your current situation

  • Focus in on issues one-by-one

  • Relieve your stresses and gain perspective

  • Rediscover and add to your strengths

  • Decide on a plan of action

  • Activate the next steps in your journey

It’s about translating your current situation into an opportunity for growth and change.

Woman looking through binoculars

As a business coach, I can help you deal with:

  • Rejigging your relationship with stress and productivity to reduce the possibility of (or recover from) burnout*

  • The dreadful money cringe, and the feeling you’re trading your ethics by being paid. (Spoiler alert: you’re not. You’re creating a sustainable business.)

  • That nagging voice of “What do I want to do with my life?” that runs passed teenage years and well into the nursing home days

  • Unclogging the backup of possibilities in the back of your mind—before and after they’ve eaten you alive

  • Tiger-taming difficult freelance clients and/or work colleagues, and the internal voices that chorus along with them

  • Managing the demands of mental health issues, disability, chronic illness, life-changing diagnosis and employment in tandem

It’s time to overcome the specific issues you have communicating with clients, business partners, peers or yourself. We’ll flip that internal narrative that says you’re too cool, daggy or different to put your talents centre stage. My aim is to dig in, find that knotted muscle that’s holding you rigid and in pain, and bring sweet, sweet relief.

* Important note: While I have specific training in crisis support, mental health first aid, suicide intervention and am studying counselling, I am not a licensed counsellor or psychologist. If I believe the issues we’re discussing are beyond my capability I may direct you to mental health and medical services.

Business coaching mythologies busted

I resisted calling myself a business coach for five years because of the claims and mythology that permeate the field. These coaches usually offer only short fixes and don’t serve you in business or meet the needs of people like you with real problems.

So, here’s what I think about it all, which may help you decide whether I’m the right business coach for you.

Man looking forward to the future

Money, fame and prestige are not the cure-all to your problems

While we may work together to strengthen and build these elements as part of your career or business, they’re not the whole ballgame.
Woman going shopping - Doing what you love

Belief in ‘Do what you love’ #DWYL isn’t enough

Not everyone has the framework, tools and advantage to quit their life in a flurry and travel the world in search of their passion-driven career. Realism helps.
Business destinations - Retro Van

Happiness is an emotion, not a destination

Poor old happiness has been co-opted and lifted onto a pedestal that makes it look decidedly uncomfortable and distant. Let’s define what contentment, satisfaction and the right amount of challenge looks like for you instead.
Woman with Jazz Hands - You don't need Jazz hands to succeed

You don’t need razzle-dazzle jazz hands to succeed

We don’t work towards making you the centre of some amazing brand or talk show empire. We can work on making the work and the creativity do the talking instead (i.e. totally introvert friendly).
Smiling businessman talking on the phone

Me working with you is about you, not what I want to sell next

Getting the best performance from a person has to be tailored to the individual. That’s why my individual and group business coaching programs include deep elements of customisation to your needs.
Business woman whispering secret

There’s no magic pill

There’s no wand I can wave to make all the pain or discomfort goes away. A business coach who promises that is ignoring the role your attitude to change plays in effective coaching. What I can promise you is that you’ll have a safe space with me.

What My Coaching Clients Say

What does my business coaching include?

  • Pre-session work with a proper in-depth review and research into your particular issue.

  • Tailored virtual business coaching session(s) to discuss your issues and needs.

  • A solid basis for moving forward through research and advice.

  • An after-care package that includes a recording of the session, notes. and list of assets for you to use.

  • Homework, action steps, goals and accountability.

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Want to see what I can do for you?