Marketing messages are like friction on your ride.

Michael Seltzer
Social Media Examiner

If communication can fail, it will.

That’s not what you want to hear from a specialist in content marketing and communication, right?

You want me to promise that I can sweep all your content marketing worries away and your communication so smooth, appealing and nourishing you can serve it as a pudding alternative in the cafeteria on Tuesday.

Who you think your customers are, who you think you are, and what you think your customers want (if not expect) to hear are often quite different in the land of business content.

That’s why business communication is often costly yet ineffective. Or cheap and bloody useless.

Your chosen content writer isn’t going deep enough. You might not be either.

Woman Communicating on a Phone

Communication is always a team effort

You must dig deep to uncover strong messaging and communication tools. Your content marketing, and the way your business communicates (inside and out), depends on it.

You need to know the Who, What, How, When, Where and Why of content marketing.

To communicate effectively, you need to:

Team pushing an arrow up together
Business Trainer At The Circus

Connect to your intended audience

Knowing how to connect also means knowing who you’re connecting with. You need a relationship to build on.
Smiling businessman talking on the phone

Understand it may be irreversible

First impressions matter. Intentions matter. Mythology and misunderstanding damages communication. You can’t swallow the words once you’ve said them. All you can do is re-explain.
Overwhelmed business woman

Know the limitations involved

SEO, branding, tone of voice, industry expectation, legal requirements and so on can all influence how you communicate. That doesn’t mean they get to call the shots. But you do need to know the rules.
Business woman being handed paperwork from every direction

Understand your foundations

Winging it only gets you so far. The channels, timing and framework you choose come with unseen context. You need a baseline and a plan.
Colleagues drinking wine together

Exercise empathy and relate well

When nestled in the loving arms of context, relationship and all those wibbly-wobbly unseen things that define connection, communication can thrive. Without it, your communication will wither or seem unapproachable, ingenuine or false.
Woman looking through binoculars

Recognise the difference between information and communication

Presenting information doesn’t mean people will get your meaning. Presenting information is to communicate as SEO is to good copy. Yes, the SEO needs to be there, but that’s not where the story ends.

All effective business communication has the same goal—to get to a place where the sender and recipient share a message they agree on.

Yet in a lot of organisations, the notion of ‘near enough is good enough’ slowly but surely takes over.

Process takes over. Changes are delayed, sometimes indefinitely.

The quality of the communication stops mattering. It becomes too hard to start or maintain.

Settling for poor communication leads to extra work. It becomes dealing with problems and putting out fires. Not to mention the emotional labour cost of people trying to read between the lines. Or not having something explained you can point to when you need it the most.

How frustrating!

Business man

Good communication starts now

By choosing to work with me, you’re putting an end to that cycle. You want to reinvent the kinds of interactions you have with your customers, clients, staff and the wider world.

I can help you with your business’s communication by:

  • Creating tasty written resources, content marketing, internal communication and communication strategies from scratch

  • Assessing your current assets against what you actually want to communicate via content assessment

  • Running autopsies and finding remedies for communication breakdowns and/or ailing content-based campaigns

  • Setting the proper baseline for effective communication with communication strategies, tone of voice guides, content plans and more


I’m particularly fond of working with companies that have an interest in mental health, disability and/or are looking to do the hard yards to reinvent your communication strategies. Is that you?

As part of working with you I’ll:

  • Create well-researched, SEO-friendly blogs and articles that will not only be loved by Google but also get your customers taking action

  • Set a foundation of good communication with tone of voice guides, content plans and strategies needed to rejuvenate or rebrand your business communication

  • Develop or update internal communication resources such as intranet and extranet resources, ‘how to’ documentation, assets for onboarding new staff and training manuals

  • Design strategies on how to effectively communicate as a team day-to-day as well as the appropriate resources to support you

  • Roadmap your content marketing, and guide you on how and what to activate

  • Construct content marketing campaigns for lapsed or lagging members

  • Help with onboarding customers by providing nurture sequences, ways to capture their attention via eBooks, workbooks and more

  • Take the load off with ghost-writing services for internal and external use

Here’s a laundry list of what it entails

  • Blog and article writing
  • Messaging and storyline development
  • Content marketing planning and activation
  • Case study development and interviews
  • Thought leadership and expert positioning
  • Ghost-writing for internal and external comms use
  • Contingency planning and workarounds for events and marketing
  • Disaster response assets for communications and marketing teams
  • Miscellaneous messaging for internal and external use
  • Debrief and analysis after an issue or disaster
  • Strategy and planning
  • Developing and revamping best practices guidelines
  • Team training done either virtually or face to face (by negotiation)
  • Crisis training
  • Communication strategy and planning
  • Internal documentation for customer services, sales and content marketing
  • Procedure manuals and training assets
  • Internal communication audits and analysis
  • Development of suggested best practise and communication bibles
  • Suggested routines to maintain communication and content after I’m done

Want to see what I can do for you? Get in touch now.