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Are you getting bogged down in your business marketing? Well, maybe you need a business coach!

Marketing can be a little tricky, and it can be easy to get stuck on your idea. One of the best ways to solve an issue is to get an entirely new perspective.

That’s why I offer a 1 hour Skype pain point clinic complete with aftercare

Unlike standard business coach arrangements, my pain point clinic is designed to dig into your issues and find a solution fast. It’s about reminding you of your business strengths rather than increasing your TO DO list with my own grand ideas.

I’m a wide achiever. I combine a sound knowledge of:

  1. Marketing- from events through to digital campaigns and beyond, I’ve worked on it. I’ve worked with some of the biggest success stories in retail, IT, dating and startup as well all kinds of small businesses tro define, develop, deploy and maintain marketing campaigns
  2. Content marketing and social media- I am a gun at diagnosing areas of improvement with your current online presence and I’m all over the latest social media and community management techniques
  3. SEO copywriting and marketing communications- I stay up to date with the latest Google trends and other digital influences that impact your business’ written performance

And with numerous product launches under my belt, I offer a unique set of skills to a business coach situation that can help your startup, small business or freelance endeavours shine.

As a business coach, I crawl into the trench with you, check out the view and plot a roadmap out. And unlike many coaches in the industry, I work with you to execute plans that focus on what you need.

You can use this for advice on how to kick off a new idea through to getting over a particular hump. This is designed to give you that extra pair of objective eyes and ears regarding your current marketing and find a solution to what ails you!

My objective as a business coach is to:

  • Apply my 20+ years experience in marketing to search for a solution for your problem
  • Provide a new, objective perspective on a particular aspect of your marketing, content or social media
  • Explore potential solutions you can apply to fix the problem
  • Help you lose the fear associated with your particular business pain point and replacing it with an actionable plan
  • Give you the support you need. So you can book for as many or as little sessions as the task at hand requires


How does the business coaching work?

  • Drop me an email indicating you’d like to book some clinic time and a brief outline of the problem
  • I pop on my Dr Diagnosis hat and send you through some applicable questions together with the invoice and suggested times to hook up
  • You pay the invoice, describe those symptoms further by answering the questions provided, and pick your preferred time
  • We hook up on Skype for an hour of intensive digging into your problem
  • I take all the information away and come up with a treatment plan for you to action

Voila! Pain relief in one tight little bundle!


Who is this for?

I am better suited to any existing business, startup or freelancer who is stuck due to a particular issue. You may have tried a few things in your time but to date, haven’t seen good results.

We’ll go through your particular pain point together and work out a way to solve it.

Is this you?

  • You keep coming up against the same problem with your marketing and need a new perspective
  • You’d like to find better ways to acquire customers and/or ensure the ones you have stay loyal and happy
  • You find yourself suffering from analysis paralysis
  • Your marketing has become a process of doing it without understanding why
  • Your marketing is not showing measurable improvements and/or results
  • You’d like to take an existing campaign to the next level, but are not sure how
  • You’re taking ownership of your business and are working hard to achieve goals but sometimes you lack the direction you need

PLEASE NOTE: I only accept a limited amount of people who require a business coach per month. The priority is given to people with a working business as opposed to a business idea. I will occasionally work with fledgling entrepreneurs and business owners in a coaching situation. But only if I can see strong evidence of the idea moving from the idea stage into actionable work.


Working with me as a business coach setting gives you the opportunity to talk through your particular issue, and leave with a potential action plan and ideas to try.

This is ideal for anyone who enjoys their own marketing but needs a pick me up or someone who cannot afford to outsource their marketing but really needs some expert advice and a clearer path.

I advise you after the first session if additional sessions may be required to support your aims.


Testimonials from happy clients

Unashamedly Creative testimonial- Shauna Maguire

kate toon testimonial

 libby ellis incharge - unashamedly creative coaching testimonial

js marketing coach

Jan Cornall - marketing coaching - Unashamedly Creative

What’s included in your business coach sessions?

  • Proper in-depth review and research into your particular issue
  • A tailored 1 hour Skype workshop to soothe your pain
  • An after-care package to keep your marketing happy and healthy

This $149 (incl GST) offering is ideal for anyone who is short on time, has a particular marketing related issue, and needs some specific advice with an action plan.

I only offer 4 a month so book now to avoid disappointment. Email me via  now!