Social media book promotion campaign

book promotion legends of eostraSocial media book promotion is a hot topic. Self publishing author Dan Sanders needed a strong foundation for his social media and blogger outreach programmes for his book promotion. As his first foray into writing, Dan Sanders needed someone who could help him push his new young adult novel into the spotlight and get his head around social media and blogging outreach in the process.

Unashamedly Creative to create the social media and blogging outreach strategy while helping Dan and his support team to get ready to do their own book promotion social media and outreach activities in the future.


The aim of the social media book promotion project was to:

  • Develop a positive and engaging plan for social media
  • Advise on the appropriate social media strategy and scheduling tools
  • Kick start the social media process for the team
  • Identify the appropriate bloggers to reach out to and create the written assets to be used to make contact
  • Train the team on how to use social media
  • Support PR activities and media outreach



Unashamedly Creative worked closely the Legends of Eostra team to create a strong foundation and bridge the knowledge gaps within social media book promotion and blogger outreach.

The process included:

  • Creating an easy to follow social media plan complete with learning guide
  • Selecting suitable social media scheduling tools
  • Advising on social media roll out
  • Creating the blogging plan, target lists and emails of approach
  • Conducting a one day intensive workshop tailored to the needs of the Legends of Eostra team
  • Regular communication with the team to cross feed PR to social media


Legends of Eostra was launched in time for Easter with the appropriate level of social media book promotion and blogger outreach support. The social media posted positive growth and community interaction. And the team were confident in their abilities with the ongoing social media management.

The book received coverage from the likes of ABC radio, Channel Ten’s Wake Up programme, 2UE and several independent and local media outlets.

Unashamedly Creative has already been asked to repeat the process with the next book’s promotion.

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