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green globes- business award writing Background:

Leading Australian collaborative consumption startup, Open Shed, was looking for the opportunity to highlight their contribution to sustainability with the general public. As applicants to the Green Lifestyle Awards, Open Shed needed an award application that captured not only the company’s green ethos, but also how the company itself encouraged green initiatives within the community. Unashamedly Creative was commissioned to write the award application.



Create a strong small business award category application for the Green Globe awards that could:

  • Highlight Open Shed’s contribution to sustainability
  • Encapsulate the idea of collaborative consumption effectively for a mainstream audience
  • Promote Open Shed’s ongoing efforts with individuals, commercial ventures, community and not for profit to spread the word about reducing waste through sharing
  • Power Open Shed through the selection process and into the finals.



Unashamedly Creative conducted interviews with the founders, collated numerous customer testimonials and forms of media coverage, event summaries and miscellaneous information regarding Open Shed and collaborative consumption. This information was then crafted into a competition entry for submission into the small business category of the Green Awards.



Based on the successful application and acceptance to the finals, Open Shed was named the winner of the Small Business category for the 2012 Green Lifestyle awards.  For a run-down of winners of the Green Lifestyle awards check out the Green Awards page.


Looking to make your business award application writing or funding pitch sizzle? Contact me now. 

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