Web copywriting for PosterCandy


Web copywriting is super important when you’re trying to appeal to a social media savvy audience. Combining years of printing experience with new technology as an Instagram print creator, PosterCandy were in the market for web copywriting and branding advice for their brand new product.

PosterCandy gives the customer the ability to create their own custom prints from their personal Instagram feed. These prints can be powerful mementos, beautiful artworks for the home and lovely gifts for friends in just a few clicks.


To create a welcoming web copywriting throughout the website with simple, clear and fun instructions on how to use PosterCandy to create wonderful prints and posters from an individual’s Instagram feed. The product is consumer neutral (anyone can use it), so the language used needed to appeal to everyone from creative and business users of Instagram through to mothers, brides and food/fashion bloggers.


Work with PosterCandy to create website copywriting that was:

a) Compelling and informative sales copy that attracts a wide variety of social savvy and photographic loving audiences

b) A simplified and more user friendly structure for the site that helps the consumer make the most of the product without needing assistance from customer service

c) Light SEO work to help the website rank well in its chosen field

d) Language that appealed to all kinds of consumers – including tech savvy elderly, children and the fashion, cafe and photography set.


PosterCandy’s copy was delivered before scheduled delivery to specification. Poster Candy is now a forerunner in the field of Instagram based personal prints and is a successful arm of the print group in its own right. By using website copywriting techniques that helped marry the technical usage of the product with sassy and savvy copy, Unashamedly Creative was able to help Poster Candy succeed.

web copywriting for the PosteCandy site
PosteCandy site

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