Naming and Tagline Development for ABC Splash

ABC Splash Background:

Digital Agency ‘Spring in Alaska’ was tasked with the development of the brand and website for joint ABC/ESA and government funded digital education portal.

The portal, the biggest of its kind undertaken in Australia, showcases the NBN and will be used as a mainstay platform for the education of children from infants through to senior high school. Spring in Alaska asked Unashamedly Creative to handle the crafting, workshopping and selection of the product’s name and tagline.



  • Create a name and tagline to appeal to children as young as 4 and old at 18
  • Manage the views and needs of multiple stakeholders including ABC and ESA staff
  • Ensure parents and teachers are not alienated and also included within the name and tagline choice
  • Ensure the name and tag chosen had sufficient space in the market and did not cross over with any other properties worldwide




The following were undertaken by Unashamedly Creative:

a)        Educating the clients on the types of brand names available

b)       Researching other such products on the market and reporting back

c)        Developing some 30 odd choices for naming of the product and associated sample taglines

d)       Conducting creative workshops to gain stakeholder feedback

e)        Running the final selection of name and tagline meeting with stakeholders in attendance and conducting the final vote



The winning name and tag was crafted by Unashamedly Creative. ‘ABC Splash: Dive In (to learning)’ was successfully launched as a beta site in 2012.

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