Writing kids content for Space Heroes Universe


Space Heroes Universe is a virtual world for kids aged 6 to 12 that is a rich story driven environment, brimming with all kinds of kids content. The virtual world itself is continually running member orientated events, parties and adding both educational and fun content.

Unashamedly Creative was brought on board to write kids content including the regular in game newsletter. The newsletter is produced monthly to allow kids in the game to keep abreast of the changes.


The mandate for the newsletter is to:

a) Create fresh and interesting kids content each month that informs the members and players about changes and happenings within the virtual world

b) Keep this information within the branding, voice and personality of Space Heroes Universe

c) Provide a fresh take on games, educational assets and events within the virtual world that exist as well as promoting new additions in a fun way


1. Draw on nostalgia to keep parents entertained as well as cross cultural references for the kids.

2. Ensure the information for each month is clearly communicated and to the appropriate word limits for the template.

3. Light theme aspects for each month in keeping with major events.

kids content space heroes universe

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