Content marketing online for Bupa health consumer portal

Business blogging is definitely a hot content marketing ticket right now. Using content marketing online gives you the ability to help your customers self educate. You can use it to inform your customers, build rapport and educate all through the one piece of writing.

I have written on stress and improving mental health outcomes. An agency working on behalf of Bupa health insurance was seeking content writers.

Bupa wanted help to educate their customers via blogging and content.

When offered the opportunity to take part, I jumped at the chance.


The objectives for business blogging project were:

  • Focus on customers from the identified target markets:
  • Australian seniors
  • Every day Australians looking to improve mental health outcomes
  • Create easy to read, approachable content
  •  Encourage connection between Bupa members to increase their happiness quotient
  • Give Bupa members another reason to return and engage with their health insurer



Briefing was undertaken on email with an agency working on behalf of the client.

Blogs were assigned on specific topics where writers had demonstrated genuine skill. Unashamedly Creative was the chosen writer for the community connectivity and mental health blogs.

This involved:

  • Conducting independent research into volunteering and dating for seniors in Australia
  • Identifying suitable expert interview subjects on the topics
  • Conducting the interviews with these subjects
  • Writing the blogs and supplying them to the agency representative for review
  • Making the changes required to ensure publication


Blog topics were identified, researched and interviews conducted. Three blogs were delivered to the agency on time and to specifications.

Industry professionals were interviewed to ensure the quality and integrity of the research. This included peak mental health bodies as well as experts with practical experience in the field.

Out of 3 blogs pitched, 2 were chosen for inclusion on the Bupa blue room portal




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