Brochure copywriting for disability support services


Servicing as a marketer and copywriter Sydney, Illawarra and beyond helps Unashamedly Creative come into contact with some amazing Australians doing great things under the auspice of business and community support.  One such example is working with Libby Ellis from InCharge.

InCharge is a well respected service providing support for Australians with disability. InCharge are particularly interested in self actualisation and autonomy within the disability sector. One of the ways they support this within the community is to work with parties to make the best possible usage of their NDIS funding.

Unashamedly Creative has worked with InCharge on several projects to date. The latest project, a brochure to assist with the promotion of their support for NDIS and self funders within the disability community looking to launch their own business was definitely a highlight.


As a copywriter Sydney and Illawarra based, Unashamedly Creative got the opportunity to create a brochure from scratch to support the aims of Libby and InCharge with spreading the word about her business orientated disability support services. This involved:

  • Reviewing information from successful models used within South Australia
  • Localising the content to the local Sydney, Western Sydney and Blue Mountains area
  • Developing a story that highlighted the benefits of the support available
  • Opening up the interested parties to the possibilities of self run business
  • Managing the messaging to ensure that it included both self funded and NDIS participants
  • Using language that was positive, empowering yet practical to inspire interest and give the right level of detail
  • Creating a document that could be translated easily by the designer into easy to read format within the allotted brochure space
  • Including testimonials and other proof of concept information throughout the brochure to help overcome objections and allay fears
  • Targeting it to the very audience the program that it is meant for- Australians with disability- and their support networks



Libby from InCharge provided the appropriate assets and research information. Unashamedly Creative worked out a structure for the brochure, keeping it to the appropriate content limit for the format chosen.

Revisions were submitted to both Libby and parties already working in the same field for feedback.


The brochure was produced on time and to specification.

Feedback from the client was simply “I love my brochure, Bek!” and the sharing of how proud and confident it made Libby and InCharge when meeting prospects and other interested parties.

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