Time for dinner at the Freelance Jungle

I’ve tried a lot of different events for freelancers with the Freelance Jungle. One thing we’ve never tried with the Freelance Jungle is sitting down to a proper meal. Considering I will be presenting for Blogging for Business at Hub Sydney on the same day, it seemed appropriate to finish the day with a meal.

Dinner will be paid for by you so please keep that in mind. Don’t worry though, we won’t be going anywhere uber expensive or snooty. It’s not our style.

We will be hanging out with small business owners, micro business owners and startups that have been at the course during the day. This too is a change from the usual format but I figure we’re all in this together and it might be nice to hear some of the challenges solo business operators face, whether they freelance or they need freelancers. Common ground and all that jazz!

The venue hasn’t been chosen yet. However it will most likely be in Stanley St in Darlinghurst. The organiser of the blogging for business course is arranging it, so will keep you all posted.

If you want to come along to dinner, please RSVP by this link no later than Wednesday 27th November so we can make sure you have a seat at the table.

Speaking of Wednesday 27th November, there’s also an event that may interest you called Creatives Uncovered happening in the city. I will see you there if you pop by as I am helping out my client eXpertLocal with their stand.

This may or may not be the last Freelance Jungle for the year.

Events for freelancers do take time and energy to run. I haven’t quite worked out yet what date would suit and I know everyone’s dance card fills up pretty quickly in December. If you feel strongly that there should be, by all means let me know in the comments below.

Want more events for freelancers? Stay close to the Freelance Jungle and/or join us online on Facebook now. 

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