April Freelance Jungle & Freelance Jungle online

freelance jungle onlineAfter having March off to give my knee some time to heal, it’s back into the swing of things with the Easter time Sydney Freelance Jungle! Let’s really give ourselves the chance to drink and unwind in good company by having this one on Thursday April 17th – the day before the Easter Long Weekend.

Now I know that freelancers don’t actually do long weekends. Or weekends for that matter, but maybe for a couple of hours at least, we can be the kids that don’t have to care about the emails piling up and the crazy requests coming through. We can enter a land of pretend where we can actually leave the job at home for once and truly relax.

Who am I kidding? Let’s see!

The Brisbane Freelance Jungle is back and will be held on Wednesday, 2nd of April. You can RSVP here.

Freelance Jungle Online

Freelance Jungle is a happy, scampy little concept that originated in Sydney and has now spread to Brisbane. There are rumbles in the jungles that it may spread to Melbourne and Adelaide as well! With such need seen for the Freelance Jungle, I’ve also taken it to the online realm. You can join in conversation with freelancers all around Australia via the Freelance Jungle Online Community.

Considering more and more people are emailing for advice and assistance, this seemed the most practical way to go. Sharing knowledge and experience as well as relieving your stress is what the Freelance Jungle is all about!

If you aren’t familiar with the Freelance Jungle, it’s a social club for creative critters and fabulous freelancers. If you’re doing it solo, we’re here for you.

You’ll have a fine time at the Freelance Jungle if you:

  • Would like to share your triumphs and disasters with someone other than your trusty office Labrador
  • Think it’s high time you brushed your hair and got out of the house for a day to converse with other human beings
  • Need to find other people to work with in projects
  • Want to get out and socialise and talk business without the cheesy introductions, awkward handing over of business cards or fake plastic smiles
  • Like a drink and a meal with people who get what it’s like to dig deep and find your own mojo each and every morning

If you are in Sydney, RSVP for the Easter Freelance Jungle.

If you are in Brisbane, RSVP here. 

If you are a freelancer anywhere in Australia, join all the fun and conversation on the new Freelance Jungle Online Community!

See you soon!


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