Get trekking back the freelance social club with a difference

freelance social club
Who’s a cheeky monkey?

Want a freelance social club where you can relax and be yourself? Where advice is freely given and everyone can relax?

That’s exactly what the Freelance Jungle aims to be. Unlike other events, Freelance Jungle is not about selling you courses you don’t need or charging you money for the privilege of meeting other freelancers.

It truly is a freelance social club designed to help you end isolation, connect up with other Sydney freelancers and enjoy those little things we miss about office friendship.

At this here freelance social club, it’s not about having a shiny sales patter or being super rehearsed. It’s about building a community where we share knowledge, support each other and feel good about our chosen profession.

Come down to the shores to frolic and play with other critters in the Freelance Jungle. Here is your time to purge those stories of nightmare clients, heap praise on the nice ones and generally talk about all your bumps and scrapes for yet another month of freelance life.

Join the Freelance Jungle freelance social club if:

  • Hot desking is a concept that means more than just keeping your toasted sandwich warm
  • Some of the clients you’ve had make hostage negotiations’ look super straight forward
  • You’re strangely excited when someone has the foresight to automate yet another home office chore
  • You’re workmates are made out of cardboard and texta, or are of the four pawed variety

Freelancers, soloists and even startup people are welcome. This is a social club where we all relax and chill. So come on down and meet some new people! Join the Freelance Jungle group now!

Want to get your freelance social club on? The Freelance Jungle operates in Sydney, cairns, adelaide, Brisbane, central coast, newcastle and Wollongong. Oh, and we also have a private Facebook group that connects freelancers nationally. 

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