Get spooky at the Freelance Jungle!

Meet freelancers while you party on under the silvery moon? Yes please!

Realising that Halloween falls on a Thursday this year really helped with choosing the date for the Freelance Jungle!

That’s right folks, our (almost) monthly meetup just got a little bit spooky and will be held on Thursday October 31st this time around. Now the biggest issue appears to be finding a suitably spooky venue.

In the past we’ve hip-hopped with homies at Hustle and Flow, admired the disco ball at Flinders Hotel, donned our kilts for the Abercrombie and spent more than a few evenings drinking our way through the Forresters Hotel menu. Each have been special and wonderful in their own little way- but it would be nice to find a place that satisfies 5 key points all at the same time:

  • Tummy tempting food
  • Atmospheric without us resorting to charades
  • Within staggering distance of decent public transport and near the city-ish
  • Not crammed wall to floor with hipsters and totes beautiful peeps (even writing that makes my nose bleed!)
  • Isn’t going to rinse the wallet of the organiser or the participants with minimum spends and/or drinks auditioning for Australia’s Next Top Beverage

So little freelancers, oh humble soloists and the generally ‘freelance-curious’, for the spooky edition of the Freelance Jungle, I’d like to hear a few suggestions.

There is a massive temptation to make it themed and dress up too. It may be nice to give us all an ice breaker in talking costumes or just how much time it took to buy that one prop from the $2 shop.

Anyway- let’s open up the RSVP’s and start a discussion on suitable venues and get the ghost train riding towards that date of October 31st.

For those of you who are new to the concept of the Freelance Jungle, it’s a chance to meet freelancers like yourself without the big sales pitch and usual network vibe. It’s a social club for freelancers, contractors, soloists and the occasional single startup person where we get together and have a drink, chat and relieve stress. You get to meet actual people; it’s not formal- it’s just an excuse to get together with people who understand what it’s like to be crazy enough to choose the freelance lifestyle.

You can join the MeetUp group and find out about regular events and meet freelancers all year around, online and off! 

See you soon spooksters!

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