Swap Creative: How many chicken dinners is that worth?

No, Unashamedly Creative hasn’t launched out into the restaurant business, nor have we bought shares in a chicken suit manufacturer. What we have done is secure our first Swap Creative client- the Alexandria Hotel!

Anyone in the Redfern or Alexandria area of Sydney will be very familiar with the Alexandria Hotel, or the Alex as it is affectionately known. Overlooking the beautiful Technology Park and boasting the biggest beer garden in Sydney, the Alex has been a place to meet up with friends for a drink, a feed and a chat since the early 1900’s.

At the beginning of the year, the Alex underwent significant restoration and remodelling, though not in the usual Sydney chrome and glass style. The Alex has had her beauty painstakingly restored and her already huge tropical beer garden expanded. With covered areas, a cinema screen and outdoor seating for 300 people, the Alex is a great place to catch up.

This old hotel remains filled with charm through no pokies and is both family and dog friendly. With a great kitchen, regular events geared towards bringing the locals together and beers by the glass, bottle or jug, the Alex has been an Unashamedly Creative business meeting haunt for a while.

But being the best pub in Redfern and Alexandria hasn’t all been clean sailing and Unashamedly Creative has stepped in to lend a hand to get the word out to locals and non-locals alike. In exchange for a bit of word smithing, both members of the Unashamedly Creative staff can trot along to the Alex and enjoy an evening beer or chicken dinner, two things that started being very thin on the ground when the company started!

You can now catch news of the Alex their website www.alexandriahotel.com.au on Facebook http://on.fb.me/helBn7 or follow along via www.twitter.com/HotelAlexandria . Or even better, you can come down and enjoy a beer or two with everybody’s favourite local, the Alexandria Hotel.