I’m Crowdsourcing a marketing eBook. Am I crazy?

Earlier this month, I popped up a little post about the Spunky Little Marketing eBook. If you missed the story, basically it’s about inspiring myself to write a marketing eBook by using Deadline Party Theory.

I’ve promised myself I would write an eBook most of 2012 and have failed to shuffle that bad boy up from TO DO LIST to the magical place where red pen is applied as a sign of completion.

As important as I think it is (especially being a copywriter, marketer and content creator and how important I say they are to my clients!), something between I and the mythical eBook has been disconnected.

So I am calling on YOU to change that.

Help me make a marketing eBook to remember!
Help me make an eBook to remember!

I’ve set myself the target of gaining 1000 Twitter followers by January 31st.

This is also about inspiring me (who is actually naturally quite shy around people I don’t know) to reach out to people a little more via Twitter and be a little more social.

So far, so great- I’m sitting on a very nice 971 followers! And I’m losing a lot of that “eek, what if I make a tit of myself?” feeling in the process.

But there is still work to be done. I need 29 or more people to follow me to complete my mission. Is that you? Your buddies? The guy in accounts? Your cat and Grandma? Everyone is welcome.

As a thank you, those new followers and ones who have loyally followed along my Twitter for so long all get to vote on the topic of the eBook.

The topics are:

  • Marketing for small business and startups without the hoo-ha and flim-flam (for the business people out there)
  • Content creation made easy (so education on social media and blogging plus your very own little workbook for startup, freelancer or creative person)
  • Freelance jungle survival guide (for freelancers, surprisingly)
  • How to keep the creativity coming even when life gets in the way (for anyone really, an inspiration book)


Currently, the Marketing for Small Businesses and Startups is leading the charge with 5 votes.

Freelance Jungle Survival Guide has 3 votes

Creativity has one vote.


It’s really anybody’s race… and that I should spell out that if you are an existing follower, I want to hear from you.


My aim is to not wriggle out of doing that Spunky Little eBook by having 1000 pairs of eyes looking at me and giving YOU what you want by popular vote.


So what are you waiting for?


Send me around to your followers and friends who may be interested and let me know what you want as your chosen topic either via Twitter or in the comments below.


Let’s get this thing happening!

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