July Freelance Jungle is on – oh yeah!

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July Freelance Jungle

It’s time for another freelance event by the Freelance Jungle! June saw us hit the wilds of Redfern and uncover beer brewing, graffiti art, hip hop and crocodile. It was MEGA- with about 40 to 50 people in attendance. It was a huge event!

July is going to be back to our usual formula of find a pub, have some drinks and have a chat. And this time, we’re checking out the Flinders Bar in Darlinghurst. Ok, so that might sound like a bit of a come down after last month but we can make our own fun, can’t we kids?

Mark this date in your calendar: Thursday 25th July. 

What the Freelance Jungle is NOT for:

  • It is not for freelance eBidding sites to find suckers willing to do $20 jobs- and no, we don’t want your filthy blood money paying for our bar (so stop offering!)
  • You will never see, nor will it ever be welcome, to have sales people pitching crap at the Freelance Jungle
  • Some egotistical nutjob who thinks they know all the right answers to everything


What the Freelance Jungle IS for:

  • Freelancers sharing triumphs, wins and happy stories about freelance life
  • Those moments where talking to office plants seriously isn’t doing it for you anymore
  • You need of a wee bit of advice on how to deal with a freelancer-ish type problem
  • You might want to meet some other freelancers to work with on projects or take your overflow
  • A freelance event where you can be yourself and share what matters to you

The Freelance Jungle is designed to be a freelance social club so we can all get together once a month, have a chat and hang with people who get what freelance life is like.

The emphasis is on social club, so don’t worry about having to put on some business airs and graces, don’t feel the need to practice your best cheesy intro and just come along and have some fun.

We’ll be waiting for you!

Want to attend this freelance event or find out when more are happening in your area? Register via The Freelance Jungle group.

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