Planning the Freelance Jungle Meetup for 2013

The Freelance Jungle meetup is a popular event for all kinds of Sydney freelancers. it’s a super fun thing to run and something I get a lot of joy out of doing. But it’s not without its challenges.

Running the Freelance Jungle meetup means giving a lot of my spare time to promoting the events and ensuring that people have a good time. It also means finding suitable venues for Sydney freelancers to go to that aren’t going to charge an arm and a leg or lock us into room hire fees, deposits on tables or minimum spends.

As we’ve entered busy season, I think I have earned a small rest.

A very quick note to say the Freelance Jungle is having a nap in December but will be returning for January 2013.

It’s also jumped ship to Meetup so that you can join the group and catch up on the events you want to attend.

There is now an official Freelance Jungle Meetup where you can join the group and find out when events are happening or make use of the wall to connect up with other freelancers.

The Freelance Jungle Meetup is a social club for freelancers.

We get together, share our monthly stories and drink some fine jungle juice. It’s free, it’s not about presentations and people won’t try to sell you things. It’s about bringing people together to connect up and share stories. exchanging stories helps us lower stress, learn form each other and strengthen our approach as a healthy and vibrant freelance community. My aim is to bring a sense of connection and community to Australian freelancing. So running the Freelance Jungle meetup is a very big part of that.

To join up, simply head to The Freelance Jungle website. 

See you in January.

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