Port Kembla kicks off A to Z of Wollongong podcast

P is for Port Kembla is our maiden episode for the A to Z of Wollongong podcast. After an epic few months of collecting fascinating interviews throughout the Illawarra, we’re cooking up the maiden episode in the (thankfully air-conditioned room) band room.

This is me and my sound producer doing our thing.

We’re a tad scrambled from the heat and a loss of our couch to a dripping air conditioning unit overnight. This is what happens when you set yourself a deadline you refuse to break, kids. Don’t try this at home.

Our maiden episode is live! Take a look at P for Port Kembla

Welcome to the first episode of what we hope is an interesting exploration of Wollongong and the Illawarra for your ears. We’re kicking the podcast off with P for Port Kembla. Why? Because in typical Port Kembla style, the fiercely proud locals backed us to the hilt. We received so much interest, we could almost do an A to Z of Port Kembla.

The podcast itself promises to be a collection of highlights from the creative, business and innovation streets within the Illawarra fresh for your ears. We’re letting you explore the Gong in a way that maybe COVID-19 put a halt to through the eyes of real locals with really wonderful ideas.

You can access the A to Z of Wollongong podcast here:

Via Transistor FM https://gongaz.transistor.fm/

Or via RSS


Or iTunes

Much thanks to our early interviewees Servo Food Truck Bar, Port Grocer, All Occasion Flowers and Women of Steel – the film. And to Culture Bank Wollongong for making it possible.

Port Kembla is featured in a collage of the Gong Az podcast, servo food truck bar, port grocer logo, women of steel movie poster at Warrawong gala cinema and flowers from All Occasion Flowers
<em>Port Kembla is featured in a collage of the Gong Az podcast servo food truck bar port grocer logo women of steel movie poster at Warrawong gala cinema and flowers from All Occasion Flowers<em>


We also give a variety of mini shout outs along the way to Port Kembla businesses including Arthouse café, Red Point Artists, Ambrosia Eatery, The Vault and The Port Kembla beaches. If you’re keen on grabbing some small business ideas for the Port Kembla area, we certainly don’t disappoint with our interview with Renay including her guide to what would be excellent in the area.

Be kind it us, it’s our first episode! We have re-released the maiden episode with less backing music. However, the original is still listed as a bonus track. That way, you can choose between the two.

Tell your friends- and if you want an interview with us, message us via the Facebook page or email gongaz@mail.com

Port Kembla as seen from lookout, at courtyard and down main street.
Port Kembla as seen from lookout at courtyard and down main street

The A to Z of Wollongong podcast will contain 12 episodes of amazing interviews.

A rough outline of what you will hear in future episodes includes:

  1. P is for Port Kembla
  2. C is for Creativity
  3. U is for Unanderra
  4. V is for Vegan
  5. A is for Austinmer (seeking one more interview!)
  6. M is for Mental health and disability
  7. K is for Kiama (still seeking interviews – hit us up!)
  8. B is for Bulli (still seeking interviews)
  9. W is for Windang (still seeking interviews)
  10. TBA – you tell us!
  11. TBA – you tell us!
  12. The making of…

Made possible by Culture Bank Wollongong and hairy musicians. Made almost impossible by heatwaves and failing hard drives.

Thank you so much Port Kembla for being our first episode! We love you.



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