Product Naming and product story development

product naming and product story development

Product naming for Bitter Bean

Food technologist Galit Segev was looking to name her latest range of food products. Her aim was to capture the process of her amazing natural food science while demonstrating the “giving back” quality of her food.

The product lines covered were artisan and original creations with a focus on quality and involvement of the consumer beyond mere consumption.

Unashamedly Creative was the chosen to handle the product naming and handle the product story development.


The aim of the product naming and product story development was to:

  • Give an interesting name to the product that stood out in a creative way in the artisan foods market
  • Capture the story of Galit’s food as a process of discovery for Galit as a food artisan as well as the products themselves
  • Establish a direct story link to the products future of giving charitable donations and encouraging care for the community through food
  • Create a brand that could cover a variety of food lines including DIY bread mix, fruit caviar, jam and hand crafted chocolate.



The process of product naming involved 3 intensive day workshops. Developing the product story while naming the product happened in tandem.

Intense interviews with Galit were completed to understand the process of the food. Part of the discovery process highlighted the need to create a connection with the story of creating chocolate from the cacao bean. The cacao bean characteristics of bitterness, roughness and the difficulty of processing chocolate from the cacao bean was then translated into a brand.

This involved creatively copywriting the story of the bean in parallel with Galit’s own journey, and her desire to create food that could have a transformative effect. This was captured in stories about sharing tables and the moments shared with friends and family over food, through to the cacao bean’s transformation from rough, bitter bean through to sought after and desired product.

Such an analogy was a perfect fit for Galit’s desire to use profits from the product to transform the lives of other people, as well as her own work as a food technician in transforming standard items such as bread, jam, chocolate and fruit into her delicacies.



The food product line was named ‘Bitter Bean’ in honour of the transformative value of the cacao bean and Galit’s desire to transform human relationships with food and with each other. 

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