Rockin’ The Freelance Jungle events

Welcome to the Freelance Jungle – a place where all kinds of Sydney freelancers can meet up and share stories, feel connected and get a little of that community vibe.

Put on your party pants and join us for a coconut of jungle juice- it’s time to get all Rockin’ with the October Social Club meeting for the Freelance Jungle!

Welcome to spring time and the narrow end of the pointy stick we’ve called 2012. Perfect timing really if you want to have a couple of beverages, share a laugh and generally talk to current, past and future freelancers about what it’s like to put your bum in the wind and squeal “Yeee-ha” as we cling to the vine and do this solo thing Tarzan style!

The Freelance Jungle is a social club.

We don’t have talks, seminars or require live tweeting of our events. Great, right?

The Freelance Jungle is for you if:

a) People sigh to themselves wistfully and say “that must be wonderful, having all that time to yourself” when you mention what you do

b) When you share a quote, your intended client starts shouting lower numbers at you like some frightening game of ‘Deal or No Deal’

c) Your work colleague has four paws and a tail in most instances

c) Dipping your toe into the heady world of working for yourself is on the cards for 2013 and you have a bucket of that infectious, naive enthusiasm to share with us battle weary freelancers


Last time the Freelance Jungle played host to freelance webbies, a part time permaculturist, a child caring casting agent, writers, film makers, designers, serial entrepreneurs and a former paratrooper who just came ‘cause Twitter said he should- what will October bring?

Join us cheeky monkeys and find out! It’s FREE and it’s fun.

Register your attendance to the Freelance Jungle here.

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