How to attract the self-improvement junkie

Social media and marketing needs to be customised to the customer. And to know your customers is to be able to use the right content marketing and creative copywriting to excite them about your products. Now we take a look at a love them or hate them character, the self-help, all empowerment chasing Robbins-iser.

self improvement junkie aka The self improvement junkie 

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Most social media and marketing managers and SEO copywriters will get their thumping pillow ready when this sort of business sashay’s past. But, like it or not, there are people who do love the spin of a good infomercial, who get excited about reading overtly enthusiastic writing, and who are looking for the antidote to their problem in self-help styled products. And it’s not just self-help either. Many B-School advocates, life coaches and multi-level marketing companies will be eager to capture the self improvement junkie tone. They know, despite giving most writers the heebie-jeebies, there are customers who want to hear this kind of story.

Copywriting for empowerment has its own little set of rules. The buzz and the blush is important. As is the pep and the pop. This is all about creating an intimate connection and offering more than a ray of hope, more like a land of opportunity. This is about a fireside conversation where the undulating hills of wealth await, if only you’d peek out the kitchen window. This is about pots of gold at the end of rainbows and the only thing stopping you being you.

To capture the essence of the personal empowerment and wealth creation movement, you need to hook them with creative copywriting and content such as:

  • Long web copy- that is less about the detail and more about the opportunity available. It’s emotional, opportune and all about the inspiration.
  • Freebie eBooks– to capture the all-important email address for lead generation.
  • Strongly personalised emails.
  • Fire side chats- on the blog, in a podcast or in person. The key to this sort of content is regular, short burst exposure. Bring on your “this happened to me and it can happen to you, too” leading examples.
  • Work books and exercises- Delivering content that gets your customer working and brings them closer to regular involvement in the process is the strongest tool you have for longevity.


A note on this style of social media and marketing: 

The issue with self improvement junkie geared copywriting and social media and marketing is it’s over-used. A lot of it is empty, without factual basis and only works to service emotions. The mechanics are often lost in favour of “roll up for the free lunch” theatrics, which ultimately leads to disappointment if the way to the free lunch is not abundantly clear. That’s why cynics and people who have been attracted to these sorts of ideas yet fail to reach the dizzying heights that are promised feel a little let down. The action doesn’t match the patter.

But if you can tap into the reality of your product and employ the same techniques, you minimise the disappointment. And if you minimise the disappointment, you’ll garner the loyalty.

When will you find the self improvement junkie?

Beyond people who are looking for 4 hour weeks and the secrets of wealth creation to be delivered as painlessly as possible, Robbins-iser people are a set of can-do, overtly enthusiastic individuals. These kinds of customers usually want to make a drastic change because they are either fed up or they believe there has to be a better way. Your social media and marketing should reflect this.

The benefits of the self improvement junkie

  • The self improvement junkie loves a good sales pitch, and loves sharing them too. So you’ll never have any problems with inspiring a true Robbins-iser to take the lead in selling your product to others.
  • The self improvement junkie is very loyal. If you tell them they need to walk across hot coals or fill in 26 workbooks, they will.

The negatives of the self improvement junkie:

  • Due to over-writing and half baked promises, many customers have been through the mill before they try the next empowerment product. So if you want your customers to stay, you need to match the razzle-dazzle with the actual application of your product. Else, they’ll work for greener pastures.
  • People outside the self empowerment movement have a fairly bad impression of these sorts of techniques in marketing and in self help products in general. So prepare to have to arm your followers with the right sort of information to answer the critics, too.

How well you know your customers is really important. Does this guy sound like a customer to your business?

Now you have the info to craft your social media and marketing to suit their taste.

If not, why not see if another customer type fits better and helps you spot your customers in a crowd? Click here now.

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