Social media assistant for Play Market Research

As a growing marketing research company in the FMCG space, Play Market research needed a social media assistant. But they wanted to keep the office lean and focussed while testing social media marketing.

The turned to Unashamedly Creative as an alternative to hiring an in-house social media assistant.


social media assistantThe objectives for social media marketing were to:

  • Develop a presence on LinkedIn to attract potential clients
  • Experiment across various social media channels to see what did and didn’t work with their overall marketing aims
  • Distribute the content marketing written by Kate Toon
  • Establish a brand personality that was fun, knowledgeable and nimble
  • Release an already incredibly busy team from the obligation of social media through employing a capable social media assistant who didn’t require training, coaching or guidance



Unashamedly Creative collected industry news as per Play Market Research’s top list of newsfeeds and suppliers. She also regularly monitored the blog, press releases and any mention of the company so it could be incorporated into the social media scheduling.

Communication was run via email. That meant it was incredibly easy for the team to forward information regarding scheduling. And for social media channels to be tested quickly.

This involved:

  • Conducting independent research
  • Staying up to date with the latest trends, reports and industry information
  • Identifying suitable topics for the audience
  • Writing short copy for usage on social media
  • Finding new and interesting ways to recycle old content marketing
  • Integrating sales messages and calls to action for interested participants
  • Talking to the community at large via the social media channels as the voice of Play Market research


Play Market Research were able to test a variety of different social media formats as well as gain healthy interest in their content marketing efforts at the critical early stages of their business.

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