The A to Z of Wollongong podcast presents C for Creativity

We’re back at it with our Wollongong podcast, the A to Z of Wollongong. We’re channelling our inner Sesame Street and bringing you all kinds of letters in odd order. We went to Port Kembla last time. This time, the A to Z of Wollongong podcast is brought to you by the letter C for creating.

Why not Corrimal, or Cringila, or Cordeaux Heights, or Coledale I hear you ask? Well, sometimes, we met people on the road whose ideas take in more space than one suburb would allow for. And sometimes, try as we might, we couldn’t always get enough episodes from a particular suburb to make it a big old exploration of the one place. We’re hoping if you like the episodes you hear that season two, we can change that. So, if you are out there, don’t be shy about sharing your story via or our We are the Gong Facebook page. But in the meantime, a creating we shall go.

In this episode of our Wollongong podcast, we catch up with Shane LadyMoon from LadyMoon Productions on comedy via Wollongong Comedy and clothes swapping at The Gong’s Great Clothes Swap and live music at the UOW Unibar. We’ve got Gia Frino talking film and female representation at the Illawarra Film Festival. And Indigenous art, surf culture and being your best self with Zach Bennett-Brook from Saltwater Dreamtime.

Wollongong podcast Gong Az logo with Shane Moon, Zach Bennet-Brook smiling in his art studio and Gia Frino with plaits down her side smiling at camera
Top to bottom: Shane Moon, Zach Benntt-Brook, Gia Frino and the podcast art


Go have a listen! (but be nice about it as it’s different to what we normally do as a writer and musician team 😉)

Hard yards by Richard Berndt and Rebekah Lambert. Sometimes stopped by Imposter Syndrome. Found wearing hats on occasion.

In the Illawarra and got a story to tell that you think would work well on the A to Z of Wollongong? Email or message the We are the Gong Facebook page.

UNANDERRA! We want to hear form you!

What is cool and wonderful in your suburb we should give a shout out to? Anyone got an interview in them about the area? Tell us your creative stories and/or who we should interview now! We’re releasing our Unanderra episode this weekend, so hit us up now!

A note about Culture Bank Wollongong

Did you know this project has been made possible with the assistance of Culture Bank Wollongong?

Honestly, this Wollongong podcast project would not be happening without them. Being funded has given Richard Berndt and I the opportunity to spend time, money and effort on getting this going. And will no doubt pay for petrol, coffee and all sorts as we interview people.

Did you know that Wollongong has a kick arse creativity fund called Culturebank Wollongong?

Check them out!

You can micro fund all sorts of awesome all around the region. You can help keep this valuable creative crowdfunding group running with your contributions.

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