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Business continuity plans are the smart measure of a company, especially one that produces large scale, high quality events such as Grandstand Events. Business continuity plans allow peace of mind for all kinds of organisations when running events. They promote a proactive approach to all manner of potential situations and are built on the premise of “planning not to use a plan”.


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The aim of the business continuity plan was to:

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to large-scale, national customer events through proper planning
  • Meet the requirements set down during the request for proposal stage by the events company
  • Ensure the safe running and smooth operations of the event
  • Address the potential for issues that may impede or impact the event in the client’s eyes
  • Provide on-the-ground event staff a workable document in the event of a disruption or impact
  • Ready key stakeholders to action during an impact at the event
  • Find usable and workable strategies to maintain the event if possible during an impact
  • Enhance the safety of people during a crisis
  • Address key areas of concern as part of the business continuity plan



Providing the business continuity plan involved the following:

  • Researching, identifying and presenting relevant scenarios of crisis and disruption and their suitable workarounds. This included (but was not limited to) addressing the impact of technical and technology failure, environmental disaster, serious weather event, vendor failure and acts of terrorism
  • Developing the necessary assets, communication networks and associated notifcations to ensure smooth running between local event staff and outside services
  • Advising on the sorts of supporting equipment and devices may be required to continue with the event
  • Planning evacuation procedures and communication command documents to ensure safety
  • Addressing the specific requirements of the business continuity plan as set down by the client
  • Writing the business continuity plan in entirety



The business continuity plan was delivered on time and to specification. It not only met the requirements of the RFP stage of the tender process, it also provided all internal and external stakeholders with a workable document. This helped allay fears and connected the events production company to the client and to the venue in a positive and collaborative way.

Do you want to ensure the smooth running of your next event or business operations?

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