Copywriting and website migration


copywriting freelance work for Alchemy for successCopywriting freelance work takes all forms and covers quite a few bases.

As a business in the personal development industry, Alchemy for Success was finding it harder and harder to cut through and reach their customers. The majority of their copy was written in language that was heavy with buzz words, inside terminology and personal coach jargon.

Alchemy for Success was also looking to stream line their online presence from 3 sites to one centralised site. Their main website was out of date and was built by a designer using black hat SEO techniques. The web design company had also made it quite difficult for the Alchemy for Success team to update their own website.

Unashamedly Creative was engaged to help create a new voice and personality for the website, remove jargon from the language and aid with website migration.


The aim of the copywriting freelance work and website migration was to:

  • Develop a positive and engaging voice for the product
  • Mirror the language needed to create connections with new customers as opposed to reinforcing what customers to personal development already know
  • Create community around personal development
  • Help with the website migration and move the website to an easy to use and maintain website template
  • Remove the need for 3rd party updates through WordPress training



Unashamedly Creative worked closely with Alchemy for Success to create copy that reflected the inner essence of the Alchemy for Success team. Choosing a template and style that was easy to main and had a minimum amount of widgets also gave Alchemy for Success a better visual look and feel. Significant time was also spent mapping the user experience to ensure the main aim of sign ups was as positive and easy as possible.


Unashamedly Creative worked with Alchemy for Success to improve their messaging, create better copy and migrate Alchemy to Success to one central website on an easy to update WordPress template.

The Alchemy for Success website was migrated without problem and exceeded expectation. The website was also turned around in a short 7 day period from initial meeting through to launch in order to make a pre-booked date of a work cruise presentation.

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