Freelance copywriting for leading UK IT company

Freelance copywriting sees Unashamedly Creative write all kinds of assets for business. One of which is commonly the information website. Blending skills in SEO and creative copywriting, I can create a website that entices your customers in a specific area.

One such project was the copy for website for UK IT managed systems specialists, Fitsystems.


Objectives for the freelance copywriting requested for Fitsystems included:

  • A hyper-local focus. The team works specifically with businesses in South East England for a plethora of services with a reduced menu of offerings for the remainder of the UK. It was important to highlight the difference and support local SEO
  • Simplify the technology and terms without watering it down too much. It was a fine balance between attracting the CIO market and not drowning companies looking for an outsourced IT department in too much lingo.
  • Breaking the copy down in a benefit style while also making use of SEO in a highly competitive industry.
  • Creating copy for the website that highlighted the key points of family owned business, local (not offshore) support and capability.
  • Create easy to read, approachable content
  • Ensuring that the business was future proof by not relying on big bells and whistles of features (such as speed, bandwidth and a focus on the latest technology where topics can date quite quickly in the field) yet still creating the perspective of an industry leader.
  • Highlight the proactive approach the company has to their community


Execution of the freelance copywriting aspects of the project:

The project was managed by the web developer who was building the website. The project itself from the freelance copywriting perspective involved:

  • Auditing the list of competitors supplied as well as using Google and associated tools to identify the best keyword strategy
  • Immersing myself in the terms used by the client to describe the service offerings and breaking them down across a content chart to ensure that balance between authority and being approachable
  • Researching and investigating key consumer points in the UK for the service and their impact such as local, offshore versus UK based business, history of the company and so on
  • Mapping out the latest change to Google in regards to localisation for SEO and updating the web developer on specific changes that would benefit the project based on that approach
  • Writing to specified Web Guidelines and with due respect for backlinks and SEO


The Fitsystems website was launched on time and to specification as part of the freelance copywriting mandate for the project.

freelance copywriting for UK IT company - unashamedly creative

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