Know your customers: The Impulse Buyer

Welcome to the wonderful world of the impulse buyer.

As mentioned previously, cookie-cutter marketing and “content creation for all” approaches don’t work. To make the most out of your content marketing dollar, you need to know your customers.

Know your customers: The Impulse Buyer

Photo by Miguel Bruna via Unsplash

From the outside, the Quick-Sale Customer and the Impulse Buyer may look like twins. But there is a big difference. While both buy at speed, where the Quickie wants to nail a problem, the Impulse Buyer wants to feel better. And that emotional trigger doesn’t always translate into anything remotely related to the problem.

Rather than aiming for the one off impulse purchase, you should aim to befriend the Impulse Buyer. Being their favourite go-to shop or product when the ebb is a little low is your best bet. Not to take advantage, but to build loyalty.

Here are some of the ways you can use content creation to create a long term relationship with Impulse Buyers:

  • Have fun, personable and “I’m like you, too!” style web copy. Crack jokes, gush, be silly. Just create the bridge you need.
  • Have unique product descriptions online. Taking the time to describe a product so it doesn’t sound like the description supplied by the manufacturer is vitally important to attract the Impulse Buyer. Add the punch and the detail. Be special.
  • Regular newsletters. Make capturing an email address an imperative. Send weekly emails, add sales copy and really remind your buyer that you are there for them.
  • Customer relationship management. This is especially important with online shopping. Send surprise gifts, hand written notes, and make your packaging and presentation count so that when your impulse buyer needs a pick-me-up, they’ll wait the 5 or 10 days for your delivery to recapture the feeling of being special.
  • Use in-store signage or online info to your advantage. Add reviews from the people who work there and use happy and fun ways to highlight products.
  • Tap into the impulse. If you notice a customer regularly purchases on a set cycle, personalise an email to them and offer them something special. Get to know your customer’s daily rhythms and post content at times you know they may be interested. E.g. cupcakes at lunch time or wine at 4pm on a Friday. Think of ways to pop up in front of your impulse customer at the right time and foster a relationship.

 When will you find the Impulse Buyer?

The Impulse Buyer is often found in fashion, shoes, books, candles, food and other smaller price point items on the web or in retail circuits. Think FMCG (fast moving category) products. They also frequent eateries and small bars, searching out the next thrill. They are particularly active during emotional trigger times such as St Valentine’s day and Christmas. And they love the warmer weather – and their pay day.

The benefits of the Impulse Buyer:

  • If you train the Impulse Buyer with the right kind of customer care, they become very loyal
  • They purchase first, ask questions later, so you don’t have to be so information heavy

The negatives of the Impulse Buyer:

  • Impulse Buyers are notoriously fickle, so any speed bump on the highway to purchase will knock them right into the arms of another product.
  • Unless you spend time fostering a relationship with an Impulse Buyer, you won’t see a good return on investment with your marketing dollar.

How well you know your customers is really important for your content creation. Does this guy sound like a customer to your business?


If not, why not see if another customer type fits better and helps you spot your customers in a crowd? 

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