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Need a marketing strategy plan but haven’t got the time or resources to build one? Unashamedly Creative can get you moving forward with marketing, content and social media plans!  


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One of the biggest challenges facing Australian small businesses and start-ups is having a solid marketing strategy. Marketing strategy plans are more than a few ideas in a PowerPoint or a couple of thin bullet points on a few pages. What you need is proper audience definition, some kick-ass marketing ideas and a sound way to execute and measure your results. You get all this and more with an Unashamedly Creative strategic plan.

Marketing strategy plans that work

Coming from a product development and design background, Unashamedly Creative is well-versed in audience definition, channel marketing and launching cool campaigns.

It starts with taking a deep dive into the inner workings of your business. Issues and disconnects are identified. Areas for growth are investigated and nurtured. Functional ways to propel your small business or start-up for 6 months or more are extrapolated out.

The strategy plan looks at your existing marketing and its ability to perform in a crowded marketplace. It also considers areas of improvement, potential future opportunities and ways to get you performing.

This is customised information based on your business’ individual profile, the problem it solves and the customers it attracts.

What can you use a marketing strategy plan for?

The strategy plans on offer consist of:

  • The marketing foundation plan – a heavy hitting plan that covers all aspects of marketing your business
  • The content marketing plan- as the name suggests, this focusses on content marketing to educate customers, sell products, attract investors and more
  • The social media plan – looks at social media strategy, good community management practices and disaster prevention and management
  • Contingency and disaster plans- be prepared against PR disasters, social media trolls and more with the plans that take the pressure off when the moment is intense.

Its strategy built to be flexible

Each strategy plan is built according to your needs. Some of the ways clients have chosen to use the plans in the past have been to:

  • Set the strategy for the next 6 months of marketing
  • As a document to define the marketing of a new start-up or fledgling business for internal and stakeholder use
  • Execute ideas in-house from a solid strategy without input or support
  • Train staff on marketing aspects in concert with an Unashamedly Creative retainer based on grooming someone to take over delivery in future
  • Start an agreed baseline between Unashamedly Creative and the client on where the focus lies under a retainer or ad-hoc project

Want to find out more about the Unashamedly Creative MARKETING STRATEGY PLANS? I’m keen if you are. Drop me a line!

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