Marketing your small business with the help of SEO copywriting

marketing your small business with seo copywritingMarketing your small business with SEO copywriting is something that is offered quite regular as the solution to the marketing issues of Australian small business. But is it really the right choice for what you’re trying to do when assessing marketing?

Let’s take you through the pros of marketing your small business with the help of SEO copywriting

1)      The immediate need

If you can imagine your customer looking for an answer to the immediate problem and you being a viable choice, then SEO copywriting is probably for you.

What are examples of this? Imagine you’ve got burst kitchen pipes and your usual plumber is shut for the long weekend. Or if you are holidaying in an area and want lunch but don’t know where to go. Or you forgot to buy someone a specialised gift but don’t want to have to ring all around town to find it.

It could be when you are looking for that hard to find item, or if you want a local choice for a service. SEO is great for those moments where a customer has an immediate purchase need when the dollars are ready to fly from the wallet.


2)      Discovery when looking for a solution

Marketing your small business may seem straight forward, but its not only about discovery or selling to acquired customers. Sometimes you have to reach out to people who don’t even know your industry exists.

When your customers have a problem but they haven’t yet discovered what the solution is, this is when SEO copywriting really comes to the fore.  It’s the moment where research matters. And it’s usually driven by strong page SEO or (more commonly) by answering these questions on your blog.

Perhaps the problem has been identified but the solution hasn’t, or perhaps the customer wants to investigate the choices available for a particular solution.

Having content that includes SEO copywriting that aids in this research process and overcomes objections aids in the solution orientated discovery process.

The bonus of it being driven from a blog perspective is you also get the added benefit of demonstrating your knowledge on their problem.


3)      It helps you distil your marketing message

A good SEO copywriter won’t do the job and run. They’ll also teach you a little of what you need to do in order to keep going. And learning these lessons in SEO copywriting helps you become tighter in your marketing message.

For example, SEO copywriting teaches you to drop the “we” in your business and use its name. It teaches you to think in phrases customers would use to discover you. SEO copywriting makes you think about writing better descriptions for your website’s products and naming images appropriately.

As you are required to explain your products better to satiate the Google bots, it in turn teaches you to be a better marketer. You learn by doing and thinking in a way customer’s search for products.

A lot of Australian small businesses are caught up in the idea that selling and creating marketing promotions is somehow a bad thing. That you become cheesy and disingenuous. But the reality is we don’t mind being sold to as long as it isn’t abrasive, abrupt and unexpected.

By thinking like a marketer and learning things like SEO copy (or how it works on a blog post level) can help you speak in real times to your audience without the sales cringe.


4)      Being Google friendly teaches you to look after your website

For Australian small businesses, keeping a website up to date and tidy can be a bit of a chore. You only need to open the local paper and Google a few web addresses from the ads and classifieds to see how neglected online marketing is for the Aussie small business set.

However SEO copywriting makes you think about the things that impede your customer’s ability to use your site. It means staying up to date with changes to the web, ensuring you don’t get into dodgy tactics, and keeping an eye on the competitors in terms of keywords and trends.

Plus it gives you an excuse to update your site regularly and refresh the design every couple of years as the web technology improves and the design aesthetic changes. Marketing your small business with SEO helps remind you to stay up to date and in turn, attract those vital new customers.

But it’s more than that.

Having a website that is Google friendly means ensuring broken links are kept to the absolute minimum, something that directly aids in your customer experience. It means you search out opportunities to expand your reach through back-links. And it helps you think about what your customers need to know in order to have a positive website or social media experience.

Plus, loving your website from an SEO copywriting perspective will also translate into pride for the website itself. And a visually appealing, fashionable and well maintained website sends your customers the message that what you offer is well looked after and of quality, too.


5)      It gives you control over marketing your small business

Marketing your small business works well with content creation, blogging and social media. So it encourages you to get out there and face your customers through these channels. You can tell your business story, make friends and start the conversation with the people willing to interact with your brand.

With SEO copywriting, you can use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to drill down on the terms that get customers coming to your site and making a purchase. You can chart their journey while they visit and spot the places where they enjoy it, or abandon it. You can see where they came from so you can replicate your efforts.

All of this information is freely available to you so you can continue to make sound marketing choices. And gives you far more control over your marketing than anything else available to Australian small businesses.

I mean think about it- when was the last time you could see someone come from a print or radio ad, what words in your advertising got them interested, and then followed their journey throughout the store? Well, without looking like some weird stalker dude, anyway.

The bottom line:

You don’t have a lot of cash to burn when it comes to marketing your small business. SEO copywriting is a great way to be discovered by new customers, and aid in the research process they go through as they choose between you and your competitors. It keeps your marketing tight and helps you to view your marketing from your customer’s perspective.

 Plus, it gets you customers.

Still not convinced? Drop me an email to ask about your business and whether a refresh of your online presence and some SEO copywriting would work for you. Or you can stay tuned for my next article that tackles the cons of SEO copywriting and see if we agree.

Marketing your small business with SEO doesn’t have to be a headache. Drop me an email today! 



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  • Great article! I particularly liked point number 4. As a writer who offers SEO copywriting services, I have found that some of my clients often assume one well-written article will magically produce great results – but in order to rank well, businesses need to give a lot of attention to many aspects of their (neglected) websites, as you say. SEO copywriting is often the first step in making this happen, and it can be a little bit like opening a can of worms … but good worms 🙂


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