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Move from reactive business marketing to responding to your customers marketing needs with a strong marketing strategy with me!   


Marketing is critical to finding regular work for your business. It’s the voice of your endeavours, the thing that attracts your customers, and keeps your customers engaged between purchases.

Planning your marketing strategy can make a world of difference to your business. Knowing where your customers are, what they respond to and how to get them coming back for more is vital. Acquiring customers, retaining the customers you have, and getting your customers to introduce your business to their friends is all part of a successful marketing strategy.   

Luckily, I am a huge marketing nerd who loves planning, research and building marketing strategies. So no matter how short or long a cycle your startup, product or business works in, I can set you up with a business marketing plan that works.

 My background is in product development and marketing, so I can help you reach new business marketing heights in the following ways:

  • Planning the marketing component of your business venture
  • Diagnosing your current business marketing and recommending areas of improvement
  • Building your foundation marketing plan for the next 6 to 12 months
  • Acting as your marketing advisor, mentor or marketing manager
  • Training your team in marketing


Whether you are new to marketing and want to get your head around it for your business, or you are looking for a fresh pair of eyes on your current marketing endeavours, I can help.


What is business marketing strategy to me?

Marketing isn’t a bad thing, nor is it a cheesy sales guy with a spinning bow tie looking to bamboozle the next customer. It’s about building a great demonstration of how your product or service can make your intended customer’s life easier, happier and problem free.


Marketing is persuasion. It’s about finding the right way to politely yet imaginatively ask a potential customer to forget about the other options in the market and choose your business instead.


Unashamedly Creative business marketing is created with 3 simple things in mind: 

1)      Every product or service exists to meet a customer need and it’s the job of marketing to define that in terms the customer understands

2)      Repeat business comes from marketing that matches the customer experience of the product

3)      Being creative with your business marketing helps you stand out in a cluttered market


This is the essence of the Unashamedly Creative way of business marketing and can be summed up via “bringing truth and creativity back into marketing”.



If you want to move your business marketing from being reactive to having a sound strategic approach, contact me now. Your new marketing strategy awaits! 

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