Sneaky Tips to Help You Create Blog Posts

Finding it tough to create blog posts all the time? Planning your content can make all the difference.

It isn’t boring to plan out your content or create short cuts- it’s a way of making sure you have more time to write and to do other things. Consider this your planning guide to making your blog easy to manage.

Check out my sneaky tips to help you create blog posts

Tip 1: Know your Blog Voice:

Blogs are genuine, in your own voice and fun. But how can you find your own voice? Stop pretending to be what people expect and just write as you. Seriously, it’s that simple. Write to be read, don’t write like a sales pitch and don’t try to show off all the big words you know and you’ll be fine.

Tip 2: Plan your Content:

Break down the kinds of things you want to achieve under basic headings. For example, I usually operate within the following:

  • Creativity
  • Freelance Specific
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Copywriting and Writing
  • Marketing
  • General Business
  • Social Media

Each of these topics are ones I know something about, but most also support my SEO for my business as well as give me a means to use my skills in those areas to help other people who might be looking for it.

Tip 3: Have a Blogging Process:

The easiest way to make content manageable to is collect ideas as you go along. For example, if you are reading an inspiring book and find that a topic for a blog post hits you, write it down. Or if something has really cheesed you off that you would like to see a solution to (or you know a solution for it), note this down too.

I make my capture super easy because I know I have a habit of drowning myself in processes. I put all the blogs I have thought of into excel with a name I will remember later and I add a column for the basic headings. Then if I am doing it for a client, I relate it to SEO and give it a priority under MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could, Would) and work from there.

Tip 4: Accept you’ll have lean blogging weeks:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to churn out quality blogs, so there are some hot button frameworks you could consider using that readers love:

  • Numbered lists (like top ten’s or 22 tips etc.)
  • How to’s
  • Reviews of products, books and so on related to your industry
  • Commenting on topical news from your fields perspective
  • Human interest stories- believe it or not we like knowing personal stuff about other humans!
  • What you consider a hit or shit

Some ways to inspire yourself to create blog posts that work for me include:

  • Taking a book I’m reading on my work topics to the couch armed with an A5 artbook, Labrador and a cup of tea and writing down notes;
  • Going for a walk or working in a different place;
  • Making my morning shower a time to think about what topics I would love to write about if I had time- and then adding them to the excel first thing;
  • Playing different music to what I have been working to;
  • Having a ‘crazy idea’ board. Basically a safe place to capture cool ideas I may never get to. I don’t know why but looking at them often gets me thinking about relevant content for what I am doing;
  • Do something else. The minute I start hanging out the washing, watering the plants or taking the dog for a walk, my brain starts doing stuff that is work related. The more boring the task, the better the content too;
  • Twitter exposes you to heaps of other bloggers, writers and forms of content you wouldn’t otherwise have discovered on your own- use that as a form of inspiration and reading material!

Above all else, blog for you and in a way you like because you are the one who will need to keep it going.

Create blog posts you want to write and you would read!

If you have any ideas or want more advice, check the blog! I am also available for coaching. 

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