So you want to guest post on a blog…

So you want to guest post on a blog? Word has certainly gotten around about the benefits to SEO and exposure gained through guest blogging for other sites.

Trouble is, there are some companies trying to use guest posts on blogs about social media and marketing as a cheap form of advertising, and crazy, shoddy back-linkers that are following the same approach.

So how do you stand out to someone who values the work they put into their site? Here’s how.

Stop telling us we need your help to survive

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Nothing is more off putting than an email that starts off telling an established blogger they need you to write content for them. Clearly, they’ve been doing well before you arrived, which is why you want to post with their audience.

Blogs that garner the most guest blog approaches have the most content on them. You’re not selling us anything we don’t already have!

You wouldn’t walk up to a lifeguard and tell them where to swim. Don’t email a blogger telling them they haven’t got time, or the ability, to blog on their own blog.


Recognise the value of the content on the website. Come cap in hand, speaking about the value and benefit to the blog owner. As a guest blog writer, you should see it as an opportunity to be featured on their blog. Not some moment where you save the day.

Include your blog link (or your proposed guest post) 

If you want to guest blog, you have to prove the idea has merit. You need to show samples of your work if you want someone to take your offer seriously.

  • A link to your blog is a must
  • It also helps if you include your social media links to authenticate you
  • Explain the crux of your blog and why someone who blogs about social media should be interested in guest posting
  • Be professional. Show what you can do and reveal who you are.


Use a verifiable profile and website.

If you come from a standard free email account with no link and no way to verify you, you shouldn’t even expect a response back. No one wants links on their blog from people they don’t know anything about.

Research the blogger

You need to know something about the website you target. And no, I don’t mean the old “we thought your completely irrelevant blog from 2014 was marvellous” style form letters that get sent.

Know who you want to guest blog for and why. Use a quality approach. Especially with blogs about social media and marketing. We know all the dodgy tricks and can see straight through you and the dodgy backlink parade. It’s our job after all.


Customise your approach. Sending a form letter that isn’t tailored to your target will simply make them suspicious.If you genuinely like someone’s work, the smart thing would be to spend a bit of time interacting with their content on social media. Leave comments on their blog. Befriend them through groups. Make the connection personal.

Always read the FAQ

Further to the research, make sure you read the blogger’s website. If there is a FAQ, read it. If there are guest blogger guidelines, read them.

Guest blogging is very popular with SEO spam farms. Don’t be foolish or arrogant enough to think those guest blogging policies don’t apply to you- or that under prepared you haven’t bothered to check.

My guest blogging requirements are outlined in countless blogs you can search for. If you haven’t read them before you email me, I know. And it makes you look like a dingbat.

Don’t be cryptic

It’s really easy to spot the dumbo companies who are simply writing the emails to gain blogs for their client’s or their own SEO purposes.

They usually have an element of “I have an amazing idea for you” followed with some little fan dance proclaiming how awesome it would be to have their sales crap vomited onto the blog you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you want to guest blog for someone, don’t beat around the bush; lay your cards out flat. Look sincere. Be sincere. Chances are, that blogger doesn’t have time to dig through all your silliness and will disregard you as too hard if you make it a cat and mouse game.

And stop trying to link vacuum cleaners or erectile dysfunction or your bullshit software startup loosely to the last topic I wrote on. I’m smarter than that and expect more respect.

Pro tip:

Always pitch with relevance in mind. If you are a commercial entity wanting someone to carry a guest blog, expect to pay for the privilege.

make it a mutual offer

Unless you are willing to have other people’s blogs on your site, don’t even think about doing the approach to get your stuff on theirs. It is super easy to spot the people who only give a damn about their own SEO and their own profile because they don’t open themselves up for sharing the love. Smart, seasoned bloggers won’t have a bar of it.

Pro tip:

If you want access to guest blog on my website, share the love and let me join in as well.

How to succeed at guest blogging on blogs about social media and beyond

If you want to guest blog for someone, you need to demonstrate a couple of key points in order to succeed:

  • You understand and respect the blog you are pitching to
  • You have the skills
  • You are blogging consistently on your own website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook or blog
  • You own more than a Gmail or free email account
  • You’re the right fit
  • Hosting your content is mutually beneficial
  • You can read and respect instructions

Guest blogging can be a lot of fun and very beneficial. Just make sure that if you are serious about it, you give it the right amount of care.

Want to GUEST BLOG HERE? Get in contact now. Well, if you’ve actually read this blog and are making a genuine offer.

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  • Great article. I appreciate the honest tips which are my preferred approach. You would have to be the first person I have heard offer a different (natural) way to contribute to guest blogging. Thank you for restoring my faith.


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