What is a conceptual copywriter?

If you haven’t heard of a conceptual copywriter, it’s OK. There are so many forms of content and copywriting flowing these days. Unless you’re in the business of writing, having your head across all the various job descriptions is a huge ask.
Essentially, a conceptual copywriter is one that thinks about the project from the ground up. A conceptual copywriter will help you with your creative concept. Usually in ways that goes above and beyond merely writing what you want. That’s why it’s also often referred to as a creative copywriter.

So, how do you spot if you have a conceptual copywriter on your hands? Read on and find out


The word concept is in there for a great reason

Looking at the desk of a conceptual copywriter there is a laptop, diary with clasp, an oil diffuser and a bottle of pens ready to go.
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Concept crafting is different to writing. If know exactly what you want to say, a standard copywriter will do. When you need the skill of a conceptual copywriter when you lack the concept to float the customer’s boat.

Not every business owner knows exactly how to sell what they do to their customers. You may know what you do and do it very well. But there can be a little gap between what you care about and what your customers care about. Or you may be so close to the glass, you’ve forgotten some of the remarkable and amazing things you offer the world. Because you offer them every day, you don’t see their magical potential to turn a customer’s head.
Using someone else’s skill with the concept can turn your marketing from drab to fab. A conceptual copywriter can create you a campaign to suit your business.

A conceptual copywriter is with you from the start

A lot of businesses and start-ups tend to grab copywriters at the last minute. Yet to make the most of a conceptual copywriter, it’s smart to engage us at the beginning of your project.

The reason for this is two-fold:

1. We understand the cycle required to make a concept work.
A conceptual copywriter is there to define what you need right from the get go. We articulate how to go about and launch the concept. And then, we’re there to look after it in those crucial early stages.
You get to share the load when it comes to creating the concept. Plus, it reduces the risk of creating a great campaign that never goes live because you don’t have the time or energy or tools to do it justice.
2. We know what’s hot and what’s not.
A conceptual copywriter knows their way around marketing and the opportunities you have available to you. We know what channels will best serve your campaign. In essence, they know what the delivery methods are and where your audiences congregate so you don’t have to.
By ensuring you have support for the entire life-cycle of a campaign, you can adapt to audience responses quicker. You can make changes on the fly, learn from experiments.
You can also use it as a chance to upskill by learning from a trusted professional during the campaign.

It’s about more than the writing

You’ll notice I use the word concept and campaign a lot.
That’s because a conceptual copywriter is embedded in the length and breadth of your marketing endeavours.
We have much more to with a campaign than “here, write this.”
In my case, I come from both a product design and an agency account direction background. That means I am adept at researching audiences and the best approach for product launches. I’ve managed all the delivery aspects of campaigns, not just the writing. When I look at a budget or an idea, I am thinking about the big picture and the impact.
My goals are far beyond whether the SEO will rank, how to meet a deadline, or whether a leaflet sounds appealing.
It is the responsibility of a conceptual copywriter to not only the service short-term goals, but the long-term vision.
If you walk up to a copywriter and say, “I want to sell out my event”, they will likely respond with event copy that attracts bums on seats.
If you walk up to a conceptual copywriter like me and say, “I want to sell out my event,” I’ll ask you questions about how the event fits into your overall strategy. I will care about what techniques you’ll be using to make sure that customers not only attend, they tell their friends. User generated content will be factored into how you communicate from the start. And there will be strategies to stay in contact with that event attendee well after the event is over.
The idea is to make sure any opportunity you take advantage of to talk to your audience has an outcome. Instead of having a series of outcomes from siloed campaigns, you’re making every connection count. It’s about having a strategy that keeps communication flowing.

When would you need a conceptual copywriter?

You may be fine with a copywriter who you can point a brief to and say, “write this” and they respond, “OK”.
This is not unreasonable to expect. And if you’ve already done all your strategy and deep thinking, that is probably all you’ll need.


But there are times where bigger picture thinking benefits your business endeavours:

· If you are an agency who needs someone to slot into a campaign seamlessly. Agencies that want someone a tad more senior and rely on input from the writer are better off with a conceptual copywriter
· When you need to add strategic thinking to your agency arsenal. Conceptual copywriters, user-centred design thinkers, creative directors with experience in campaign pitching. All these kinds of freelancers can add to your strategic abilities. We can help your agency pitch strong campaigns, compete in agency tenders, and get new products or major brand overhauls over the line
· If headcount is a barrier to success. A lot of small businesses and/or start-ups that run on a skeleton crew benefit from conceptual copywriters. You can save time, money and resources by choosing a senior heavy hitter over a bunch of juniors. It also takes the pressure off you to develop and lead the campaign
· Launching new products, concepts and ideas to market. When your product is so new, you need someone to guide you through what will and won’t work with your marketing. That includes re-segmenting audiences or finding new ones. And having someone who can figure out how and what is needed to educate potential customers.
You can of course use a conceptual copywriter for the smaller stuff as well. Me personally, I don’t generally tend to turn our nose up or anything like that. I am probably more likely to ask, “have you thought about this?” if I see that what I am asked to do may not get you the best bang for buck or the result you hope for.
And my rates and the rates of fellow conceptual copywriters won’t match that of a uni student or an eBidding website. You pay for experience, intelligence, and emotional intelligence. It’s an investment in the skill of thinking around corners.
Which, to be honest, is a damn sight cheaper than paying for things that don’t work and having to redo them later. But that’s another blog, I am sure.

Curious to find out more?

Getting a great, stand out idea to the public is so much better than putting out copy or marketing nobody cares about.

Want a conceptual copywriter who cares about the results? Book a 20-minute discovery call and let’s talk!

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