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You’re bombarded with information every day. How much of it sticks as the next piece flitters past?

Communicating effectively is more than supplying information. Business communication is about what we hear, what we want to hear, the preconceptions we carry, the cynicism we enjoy, the hope we quietly hold on to, and the tools we use to bridge the gaps and allay the fears in between.

Effective business communication is more than words on a page, a smile in a hallway or the internal dialogue within

Connection comes from sharing the same communication baseline. You have to know who you’re communicating with, and why they will care.

Yet most of the time we only look at it from one perspective—our own.

We’re caught up in how our organisation talks. We use our inside knowledge to try and shoe horn meaning in elsewhere.

So much so, we forget to bridge the narrative gap. We communicate as if the person already understands us. Or that they would understand us if they put in enough effort.

Effective business communication is a two-way street

I work with organisations, small businesses, start-ups and self-employed people to identify the holes in your communication and reduce the gaps where your intentions fall down. Through written communication, community and positive workplace culture creation, coaching and training, and assessment and planning, I get companies and customers communicating again.

Let me show you how to bridge the communication gap.

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