Meet Unashamedly Creative

You know that person who says the awkward thing at parties? The person who’ll cough up a quote from a TV show or film in response to any of life’s great problems? That’s me.

When I crack witty one-liners in social situations, I’m usually armed with a keyboard. I’m also the same person who people meet in person and think “My, she’s a little odd, isn’t she?”

Curious, socially awkward and with a turn of phrase that delights and surprises in equal measure. These are phrases people use to describe me.

You don’t want me as your wing-woman. But you’ll appreciate having me around for business word nerd tasks. Things like your creative and SEO copywriting, marketing communications, business blogging and content strategy.

Thankfully, my freelance gig is not as a dating coach. It’s as a marketer, copywriter and content creator.

And you’re in luck. You’ve landed on my website, Unashamedly Creative. So you can see I get a kick out of helping businesses, startups and freelancers crack the content marketing code.


Why choose the Unashamedly Creative approach?

I left a career in below the line marketing at a leading Asian agency to become a freelancer. I chose the freelance life because I wanted to create marketing campaigns and web copy that mattered.

You see, some people choose freelancing for the money. Or the child-friendly lifestyle. They do it so they can work from anywhere in the world. Or because being their own boss suits their personality.

I chose freelancing because I realised marketing had become a game of “pin the tail on the profit margin”. The profit was less about the client and more about the agency.

And I wanted to change that.

So I started freelancing as Unashamedly Creative. And I gave myself the tagline of “putting truth and creativity back into marketing”. Both were to remind me of why I started freelancing in the first place.

Since 2010, I’ve helped Australian startups, large and small businesses, countless agencies and fellow freelancers find their marketing truth.

So far, so good.


Why shouldn’t you choose me as a freelancer?

I love working with clients that like me and/or my work. In order for us both to get the most out of working together, there needs to be rapport.

You shouldn’t choose to work with me if:

  • Creative ideas will be slaughtered in favour of design-by-committee.
  • You want to bamboozle your customers with jargon.
  • Playing it safe and doing what the other guy does seems like a good idea.
  • Opportunities involve the words experience and exposure instead of deposit and invoice.
  • You like lots of face-to-face meetings (see my socially awkward introduction above).

In short, you shouldn’t hire me if you don’t want to improve the way you do things. Or if you’re allergic to honest feedback and want someone to tell you what you want to hear.

Do hire me if you like the idea of a (slightly kooky) thinker with 20 years experience getting excited about your business.

Curious? Contact me now via email Rebekah (@) unashamedlycreative (dot) com (dot) au

Please note: I don’t encourage phone calls as I suck at talking to strangers without a keyboard involved. Flick me an intro email and we can set a Skype date. I’ll bring the virtual zucchini bread! 

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