24 reasons to hire a business coach

Why should you hire a business coach? Check these reasons out!

  1. You are hungry for the next challenge in your creativity or career and need strategies to make it happen
  2. You have loads of great ideas and gain a lot of satisfaction from your work and creativity, but you are yet to build a system that keeps your production and engagement consistent, positive and inspiring
  3. You are curious about freelancing, owning your own business, making money from creativity or concepts like crowdfunding and you’d love advice on what to do and where to start
  4. You know you are in a financially precarious position through cash-flow issues, not charging enough for your work, money mindset issues that you’d like to work on
  5. You have an idea for your career, creativity or business, but you’re not sure how to make it happen
  6. You want to get an objective opinion on the next challenge or goal you have in mind
  7. You’d love to reinvent your career or what you offer as a freelancer and need strategies with managing this change alongside your current workload
  8. You’ve had a few life impacts recently that have made you consider exactly what you want from your working and creative relationships
  9. Try as you might, you keep getting stuck on the same problem and you’d love someone to collaborate with to overcome it
  10. It feels like a few problems have collided at the same time and you’d love someone to help you create a roadmap to deal with them effectively
  11. You get self-conscious or lean in on self-doubt or Imposter Syndrome when you are trying new things and want a coach to help you through it
  12. When you are working on something new, old negative habits creep in that you’d like to avoid. You believe a coach could help spot that and help you strategise
  13. You know what your goal is but you need an external force to keep you accountable to it, the milestones and the deadlines
  14. You are ready for a change or to make a pivot in your career, business, or creativity – and need someone to help you navigate that change as it happens
  15. Old habits and behaviours no longer serve your career, business, freelancing or creativity – but you’re not entirely sure how to break out from them yet
  16. Stress, overwhelm, workaholism, and burnout are features of your creative practice or working experience and you’d like to change that
  17. People pleasing and the inability to say no lead you to take on too much or lead you to projects, people and opportunities that don’t suit you – and you’d like to break out of these patterns
  18. Client management, your boss, or your customers expect more than you can give regularly and you want to work on boundaries and strategies to make your working or creative experiences less one-sided
  19. You’ve lost connection with the work you produce, finding it grinding, boring or stressful with little to no personal reward
  20. There are a number of opportunities available to you right now and you are unsure what to do or how to decide between them
  21. You’d like to learn how to negotiate and/or advocate for yourself
  22. You’ve shied away from or become tired of your current marketing, self-promotion, social media and outreach strategies, and would love a fresh set of eyes and ideas to get you inspired again
  23. It’s time to try something new – but you’re not sure what that new thing is yet!
  24. You need an ally in the trenches as you:
  25. Continue to work somewhere that doesn’t make you that happy
  26. Figure out what to do next
  27. Create a strategy for leaving your job or changing careers that considers your financial, physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being

Sound like you? Hire me as your business coach today!


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