Empowering Luckies Knickers via Start-Up Sessions Coaching Program

Luckies Knickers, a new underwear start-up, aims to revolutionise the industry by promoting body positivity and confidence. Their motto, “Screw shame, delete insecurity,” reflects their commitment to empowering individuals. To support Luckies Knickers in realising their vision, Unashamedly Creative delivered their special one-on-one Start-Up Sessions Coaching program as part of the coaching offering.


The objectives of the Start-Up Sessions coaching program for Luckies Knickers were multi-faceted:

  • Identify a customised focus to start Luckies Knickers off on the right footing
  • Develop a comprehensive framework to guide strategic decision-making
  • Identify target personas and their respective Buying Cycle stages for effective social media and online content strategies
  • Implement a priority system to streamline the overwhelming start-up workflow, especially important in the side hustle stage
  • Conduct SWOT analyses for both initial operations and marketing strategies to capitalise on strengths and address weaknesses
  • Foster a culture of contingency planning to navigate unforeseen challenges effectively
  • Tackle mindset challenges like money beliefs and perfectionism to foster a growth mindset
  • Develop robust pricing scales and problem-solution-based marketing strategies to drive profitability and customer engagement


luckies knickers after the start-up sessions coaching program.The Start-Up Sessions coaching program is customised to the individual coaching client. It comprises three intensive 2-hour sessions, supplemented by homework assignments and guided work between sessions.

Each session was structured to address specific challenges faced by Luckies Knickers while tapping into resources and expertise. The execution involved:


Session 1: Define and Design: The initial session focused on defining the company’s mission, values, and objectives while designing a strategic roadmap for success. Homework tasks included developing a project plan with a focus, triaging and streamlining the competing work demands, and developing a powerful voice for the audience based on their problems, wants, and needs. We tackled problems as they came up and used available resources to find quick solutions and insights.

Session 2: Develop and Deploy: The second session delved into developing key aspects of the business, such as pricing strategies, marketing plans, and contingency measures. Guided work sessions allowed participants to refine their ideas and strategies with expert guidance. Homework assignments included developing and refining a SWOT analysis, creating contingency plans, mindset, and developing copy and marketing messaging.

Session 3: Maintain and Reflect. The last session was all about keeping the momentum going and creating a culture of constant improvement. We discussed pricing for long-term success, supporting mindset long term, making small progress, and developing strategies for growth and maintenance. This included looking at challenges with production, models, marketing, and more.


The Start-Up Sessions coaching program yielded tangible results for Luckies Knickers:

  • Establishment of a robust BOER framework provided clarity and direction for strategic decision-making, leading to more focused and effective initiatives.
  • Identification of target personas and Buying Cycle stages facilitated targeted content creation and enhanced engagement with potential customers.
  • Implementation of the MSCW priority system improved workflow management and resource allocation, reducing overwhelm and increasing productivity.
  • Conducting SWOT analyses enabled the company to capitalize on strengths, address weaknesses, and seize opportunities in both operations and marketing.
  • Proactive contingency planning equipped the team to navigate challenges and adapt to changing circumstances with resilience.
  • Addressing mindset challenges fostered a growth-oriented culture and empowered individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace opportunities for growth.
  • Development of robust pricing scales and problem-solution-based marketing strategies contributed to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Start-Up Sessions coaching program really helped Luckies Knickers. They learned all the tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve their mission of promoting confidence and positivity through innovative underwear solutions.

You know how they say you remember how a person made you feel? Well, a few months on from having 1:1 coaching with Bek Lambert, the words “heard”, “challenged” and “inclusive” are stuck in my mind. If you’re looking for someone with ethical values, who knows her business shit and who won’t make you feel imposter vibes, look no further. Bek is the real deal, coming fabulously prepared to our meetings with fresh takes on things I hadn’t considered. There’s a lot of woo woo out there, and Bek has the ability to help with the things that matter to move your thinking from good to exceptional – with tangible steps to get there. Thanks again Bek.

Rebekah McAlister, founder, Luckies Knickers

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