What is person-centred coaching?

Person-centred coaching makes the learning, doing and creating of a new you about you. To do that, it digs into everything from the automatic thoughts and assumptions through to reactions and responses in real time.

Standard business coaching assumes you are ready for the next goal or stage of growth. But it rarely looks at the past or present, or our best and worst behaviours and how they may stop us from achieving that growth or goal.

An example of this is how person-centred coaching and standard business coaching deal with wealth acquisition.

You know you’d like to earn more money.

How a standard business coach deals with that is to talk about wealth acquisition, saving strategies, setting income goals, passive side stream income, and how to raise your prices or negotiate a higher wage.

These are all very worthwhile skills to learn. But if you:

  • Grew up with a scarcity mindset you’ve inherited from your family
  • Have an uneasy relationship with wealth and what it means to be wealthy
  • Are navigating values, beliefs and cultural influences that are at odds with capitalism

The mechanics of how to cut your spending and create more money won’t help you overcome the sensitivities you have or challenge the biases you hold towards money, wealth, and wealthy people.

Person-centred coaching is about not only examining the way forward to wealth but also looking at your relationship with wealth up to that point. It’s about looking at your mindset, core beliefs and automatic thoughts and developing a way forward.

And it doesn’t just help with the specific issue, like the finances. These skills might be transferrable to how you relate to people or how you choose opportunities. It’s about teaching you to understand where things come from, check in with what serves you, and discard what doesn’t.

Basically, person-centred coaching puts you at the centre of the coaching experience, instead of the program, the outcomes, or even the goals.

It’s about deeper work and longer-lasting change.

Person-centred coaching suits people who:

  • Are self-reliant, self-aware, and empathetic
  • Prefer to do the work than have the work done for them
  • Want to focus on lasting change
  • Like to know why when it comes to motivations, behaviours and action
  • Might need more than one style, model or solution
  • Have been through a lot in their life
  • Understand their limitations
  • Don’t mind challenging themselves
  • Have experiences that are typically overlooked in standard coaching fare such as disability, mental health, experience with cultural exclusion, poverty, difficult childhoods, etc
  • Want to work on issues like perfectionism, money mindset, people pleasing etc that go deeper than standard coaching approaches challenge

Person-centred coaching also appeals to people who feel let down by previous business coaching experiences. For example:

You’ve completed a stint of coaching, a course or program and:

  • Not seen an improvement in how you work, create or move forward
  • Felt overwhelmed by the amount of work required to make the changes required
  • Learned nothing you didn’t already know – and have potentially already discounted
  • Lacked the connection to the learning process you were expecting
  • Found it didn’t address your specific challenges
  • Walked away feeling judged, shamed, or blamed for not connecting with the ideas in front of you


You’ve already identified your main stumbling blocks and:

  • Wanted to do deeper work than the coach, course, or program allowed for
  • Felt previous coaches overlooked and even dismissed these issues
  • Cannot find strategies and support that help you overcome them
  • You felt like people ignored your issues and concerns
  • The solutions on offer feel triggering, difficult, or inaccessible

Sound like you? Why not check out my coaching services or book in for a session today.




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