Business Plan Coaching for Parramatta Women’s Shed

Parramatta Women’s Shed, a community organisation, wanted to make things official and formalise its operations by creating its first-ever business plan. PWS secured a grant to help with the delivery of the business plan, with a deadline set for February 2024. Parramatta Women’s Shed engaged coaching services from Unashamedly Creative to guide them in creating and executing their business plan and navigating this exciting milestone.


The goal was to empower the team at Parramatta Women’s Shed with the tools to create an actionable business plan that would renew the group’s enthusiasm for the future of their amazing organisation. The objectives included:

  • Establishing a clear, modern format for the business plan
  • Ensuring the plan was not merely an academic exercise but a practical tool for guiding their operations
  • Developing a ‘strategy to a page’ that helped clarify the vision, goals and mission of Parramatta Women’s Shed in an inspiring, easy to follow format
  • Making a business plan that handles unknowns confidently and flexibly
  • Structuring the business plan in a way that allows for easy reuse of sections for grants, compliance with regulations, and quick response to opportunities
  • Providing ongoing support and feedback through monthly review sessions and written feedback
  • Keeping momentum and holding each other accountable via monthly coaching-based meetings designed to stage the business plan’s development and empower the group
  • Meeting the February deadline


Over a period of six months, the business plan coaching took place. Unashamedly Creative led the coaching sessions, employing a structured approach to guide the team through the business planning process. The execution involved the following steps:

  • Conducting an initial assessment and review of Parramatta Women’s Shed’s existing materials and plans
  • Facilitating a conversation to discuss goals, outcomes, and wishes
  • Preparing the group to gather and workshop the PWS ‘strategy to a page’, aiming to reach a consensus on the direction of PWS
  • Conducting collaborative discussions to establish a suitable format and structure for the business plan
  • Monthly coaching sessions held after hours to accommodate the team’s schedules, where progress was reviewed, feedback provided, and additional guidance offered
  • Providing written feedback each month on the Business Plan with comments, assets and coaching within the written work
  • Assigning homework and responsibilities between sessions to ensure steady progress and accountability


a smiling group of women in a workshop make up Parramatta Women's Shed
Parramatta Womens Shed team

The team at Parramatta Women’s Shed finished the business plan on time, as per the specifications, and exceeded the grant acquittal standards.

The feedback received from Rachel Beaney, the President of Parramatta Women’s Shed, speaks volumes about the impact of the business plan coaching:

We cannot thank Rebekah Lambert enough for her invaluable contribution to our team at Parramatta Women’s Shed. Working with Bek went far beyond traditional business coaching. She guided us in crafting a strong, achievable mission, and helping our team all work towards the one vision. Rebekah’s meticulous attention to detail, combined with her unparalleled ability to balance candidness with support, has been a game-changer for us. Her instinct for knowing exactly when to employ frankness and when to offer support was masterful. Rebekah, thank you for your support and for being such a pivotal part of our journey.

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