Presenting at blogging workshop

blogging for business blogging workshopPresenting at blogging for business blogging workshop

Seasoned trainer and workshop convenor to the wellness industry, Yoga Reach, was looking to add additional supports to her Sydney Blogging for Business blogging workshop.

SEO professional Kate Toon and social media marketing expert Unashamedly Creative were invited to present.


The aim of the blogging workshop was to:

  • Provide soloepreneurs and small business owners in the wellness sector access to high quality training and advice
  • Create a variance in teaching and learning styles while bringing together 3 key professionals to cover their areas of expertise
  • Show a united front within freelancers to entice more small business operators and solopreneurs to take a chance on freelancers
  • Have a high quality, reasonably priced product available to the often time strapped and cash deprived solo operator sector in an easy to understand and welcoming environment
  • Activate participants while they learnt to ensure the information given not only stuck but also got the participants excited about marketing, social media and copywriting



Yoga Reach founder Brook McCarthy ran the day with precision and calm not usually found in educational events. The class was attentive, hungry to learn and very engaged in the process.

The day was beautifully produced, and our host site, Hub Sydney, added an extra dash of special to the occasion.


All presentations were executed to plan. The blogging workshop itself garnered high praise from the participants and created connections for all involved.

I was proud of my participation as a presenter – the results of which can be viewed via Slideshare in my Social Media Homework = Social Media Happiness presentation.

The additional measure of success was that from the hour of presenting work, I was able to garner several delightful and interesting pieces of work. This is always a bonus to any freelancer who is asked to present and was particularly wonderful considering the interest and eagerness from the students within the original workshop.

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