Avoid the line. Jump the gap. Get real business motivation now

There are a million ways to grab onto business motivation. Not all of them are a good idea.

Huddling together under the safe little umbrella of group think doesn’t make your creative business idea stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Those peers aren’t your customers.

They have a vested interest in making you just one little penguin in a sea of black and white.

Stop playing the game

Pull out your pens and plan your actions.

Do more than plan.

Scribble. Ask why. Dig deep.

Get angry at the time you have wasted.

Use that as your fuel.

Define your audience. Describe your dream.

Plot your action steps.

Be satisfied with the plan you have built.

Look at it again later and cover it with red pen.

Rinse and repeat.

Now you are happy with it.

Don’t ask the postman for his opinion.

Screw coffee with the girls.

Sleep. Get up.

Read your action plan.

Do something on the plan.

And another thing.

Staple yourself to the tasks until you push through a third.

Do enough things that the sense of achievement rises.

Get high from it.

Use that high to do item number four.

Eat. Shower. Ponder.

Plot. Plan some more.


Dream about it.

Get up.

Eat. Shower. Ponder.

Pick something to do.

Do it.

Take a break.

Let your idea knock at the back of your head, trying to get in.

Do some more.

Put a line through things that mattered 3 days ago.

Let them go.

Do the work.

Shut the mouth.

See the results.

Don’t wait for applause.

Move the f*ck on.

Celebrate productivity.

Keep doing it until it’s you- not the clock, not the distractions, not the rules, not the yeses or the yes-men- that is making progress.

If you want it, you’ll find a way to DO IT.

The DO is usually the bit that is missing.

Stop talking about it.

You don’t need everyone else’s permission.

Avoid the line. 

Jump the gap.

Make the leap.

Better now?

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